Friday, May 29, 2009

Invisible message: what May ROCK!

Two months ago, I provided a little humorous remark that I thought March was going to go out like a rock star making a comeback. Actually, I have no idea what I meant and was hoping someone would tell me. umm... insert haha.

Maybe I was two months ahead in my thinking. ok it's nothing. And...err, uh, well, (besides this being maybe the only place on the planet where a guy writes likes he's tongue-tied) umm... Your guess is as good as mine about upcoming weather. Although I do know what's going on in rock music these days is very interesting. At least it is for me.

First, I bought two music CDs and hope to go into more detail later. My feeling is there could be one, two or more songs from those albums on my top-whatever-number-of-songs list. No, that won't be the name of my list, but it is kinda catchy. so now people are going to be googling Scott's 'whatever-number-of-songs list'... good luck! haha

What was that second thing I wanted to write. Oh yeah, wait as I attempt to straighten out my smile and get serious.

Alright, next time I'll just have a short post, which will be in the regular, boring text color. However, the post will 'rock' because there will be a link to something of interest for fans of the rock group KISS.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Cool Shadow

Coming to minds on planet Earth,
and possibly way, way out there!
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Smiling is sort of cool, really...

so here's my smile for you.
Have a great day!
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Thursday, May 07, 2009

I made a correction that I meant "to love" in the last post.

What's going on there?

I'm not doing anything very exciting, drinking water...
well, coffee too, and also thinking
about the meaning of life, listening to rock music,
and thought this picture I snapped today, looked
cool. I deleted the rough draft, where I wrote about
"to love" being an infinite infinitive... and also didn't include
my idea to turn Thursday into Friday for lonely romantics
who don't like Fridays without dates. (ok I know you have dates, a spouse or don't want one, so you won't need to keep reading.)

If I do something fun on Thursday,
when Friday arrives it's more like Saturday, and of course
Saturday becomes like Sunday. Since I don't think about hot dates
on Sunday, except in the middle of very long sermons (which isn't why I haven't been going to church... and if you're a minister, No it wasn't funny) it seems to make sense.
Have a great weekend! It's Thursday here, maybe Friday there.
Whatever... it's a good day for some fun! That's not advice. You don't have to have any fun if you don't want to.
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