Friday, June 26, 2009

Taco Time has the best soda in town

The best fountain-drink soda in Ontario, Oregon is at Taco Time.(near Wal-Mart.) Also pictured is a Crisp Chicken Burrito -- my favorite food on the menu, because it tastes great with a fizzy soft drink.

I love going out for soda and if a fast-food restaurant has great tasting fountain drinks, they will see me again and again.

Taco Time in Ontario has the best fountain soda. It tastes very sweet--the way I like pop-- with the perfect amount of carbonation, not too little and not too much. I've been frequenting this Taco Time for several years because it has consistently outstanding fountain drinks.

My decision was the result of drinking soda at many other Ontario fast-food restaurants a good part of this decade as well as getting fountain drinks in convenience stores at gas stations and truck stops. And after a long process of slowly eliminating from contention many of the fountain drinks (some were terrible and not worth remembering), I narrowed it down to a small number of great fountain drinks in the last year.

Taco Time finished "Number 1" in fountain-drink soda, followed by Carl's Jr. which also had very good soda. The last time I drank soda at these two restaurants (different days), I went there at about the same time of day, which was around 5 pm, before the dinner crowd arrived. I drank my mixture of Diet Coke and Dr Pepper from each restaurant. Taco Time had the sweeter soda. The carbonation of the soda was outstanding.

The fountain soda at Carl's Jr. this time was still good but could have been sweeter, and it also had a bit too much fizz which bothers my stomach. That's why I feel Taco Time has the best fountain soda.

But maybe in a year or two, I'll do this all over again... THE BEGINNING. haha You thought I was going to write... umm the end?! Not a chance.

Note: I don't work at these or any other fast-food restaurants or chains, and I don't own a fast-food business. I eat fast food and write about it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best soda in town

Taco Time has the best tasting soda (fountain drinks)
in Ontario, Oregon, USA. More next time.

Congratulations, Taco Time! Have a great summer!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yummy Shake

The top of a large Cappuccino Shake at The Hamburger Connection
in Caldwell, Idaho.

After eating Seasoned Curly Fries and drinking iced coffee from Jack in the Box, a week ago on Saturday, I was still hungry and went looking for a shake. I found it at The Hamburger Connection, known for their thick "Mile High Shakes".

The shake was yummy and I ate it with the long plastic spoon they gave me. Honestly, I couldn't finish the large shake and instead should have ordered a small one. A large (22 oz) shake there costs $3.69 which ends up being $3.91 with tax, so I probably won't order it often.

I've been ordering shakes on several occasions this year and hope to write an article on my favorite shake. But I'm not going to decide right away which shake I liked best. However, I did come to a conclusion yesterday regarding what I feel is the best fountain-drink soda at a local fast-food restaurant. I will post more on this topic next time.
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Some err... Heat" is reality. Still, it better stay clear of The Cool Shadow

Sure, it's only a shadow of a shake, and my hand which was holding the shake. (I'm referring to the earlier cropped photo, see a previous post.)
But if the shadow could kick the... ahh sorry, this is supposed to be a civilized blog... i mean if shadow did have a nice, calm conversation with "Some err... Heat" it should... I mean would convince the heat to stop being a bad it.

But this cool shadow is just a shadow. Besides, my blog isn't about superheroes and enemies of eaters, such as: the blandness monster, that driving-around-with-no-air-conditioner thirst (i get it often in the summer), and the fear that marketing people really will find a way to turn burgers, fries, shakes, etc. into real beings, not just for funny commercials, and umm they will then demand vacations and hmm... no, not longer lunch breaks. It's food. I think I'd better tell one of my friends I'm joking now or I will forever worry that she thinks that I think french fries want or need vacations. Why am I explaining this...oh yeah, coz I'm a blogger.

Anyways, summer heat ain't got no ahh...sorry (again).

So just shake your Shake... don't shake your... well, I better go now.

You can dance, though. Sing too, if you like.

Wear a smile!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Fast-Food Snack(s) Day

Saturday afternoon was kind of boring.
With not much going on at a shopping mall
and not wanting to eat a big meal, I went looking
for snacks.

I went to a Jack in the Box drive-thru and got
a large iced coffee (with caramel flavor) then decided
to get Seasoned Curly Fries. This is medium size and
I dipped these fries in Buttermilk House Sauce.

Later, I stopped at another fast-food joint for a shake.
All of my snacks tasted good but the curly fries was the
best of menu items that I ordered yesterday, and some
other days, too.
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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Maybe the only thing better would be KISS concerts everywhere

If you want to go to a Kiss concert... Yeah, I mean the rock band "KISS", you should read about how fans can vote for locations of Kiss concerts in North America. (I really liked the article on

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Do-good, feel-better Dog story

I like stories about people who loved and did good deeds to help animals, especially to save or make life better for dogs, cats, and other pets.

I just read a touching story about a fallen U.S. soldier in Iraq and how he had helped a dog in Iraq and made the dog his pet. The news story can be found on It's one of my favorite stories about someone showing love for a dog, so that's why I wanted to share the link. It's very cool!