Monday, June 28, 2010

Are we going to be tempted? And if not, Why not?

As promised this is the Before Pizza smile. If I didn't know better, I'd say it's best to keep it way up high.

This is an After Pizza smile.

Well, we (the people) ate most of the pizza and she tasted some but she's cuter than us, mere humans and that's why she's in the pictures.

Peek-a-boo, it's a Domino's Pizza

Well, I think on the box it says (if you squint, or click to enlarge the pic) something about a refund, and actually I'd like my money back so I could buy the same pizza again. Ok just kidding. We would buy it again with our own money. It was a very good tasting pizza! I even ate a piece of pizza right from the fridge for breakfast, and the last slice for the second part of my dinner. Well, I didn't eat much earlier today, so quit giving me the funny looks. I be back. How can I say out if I don't eat my piece! Or whatever.

You like shallow, umm I can be shallow TOO

Well, I won't be too deep or put forth any profound theories, like my S.B.T. of P.U.ties otherwise known as String Bikini Theory of Parallel Universities. Don't ask me what the football teams are like at those U's because I don't care. I'm in this super shallow physics for the chicks. I just wanna know if there are universities with pretty girls who like to wear bikinis and dig my shallow physics and enjoy some lip action now and then. Eating fast food with me, of course, and ETC.

There could be more, such as kick-ass rock songs that some of you didn't know I knew. And it's gonna be the best ever, or going back to just before 1970 when life as we know it began to sprout. Sorry for the corny health-food reference. I love it, actually, but you can hang on to all the crunchy granola, though real men like me do eat yogurt from time to time, and not just because girls will trust us.

We can't gain their trust and maybe we don't deserve it anyway, so let's focus on something worth thinking about...the shallow physics of bikini curves. How integral... no, not integrity, but I got that too somewhere, maybe it's under the bed. Peace! Beach fantasy! Out!

Next time, we'll add new definition to the term 'pizza smile' and how we love to smile for our pizza! Next time will be in a few minutes. There will be a BP smile and an AP smile, which in this case stand for "Before Pizza" and "After Pizza". Yeah, I'm dishing it out! Slice by slice, pure me and that's cool! No, I didn't say I'm pure. But I am nice and not too demanding which is more than I can say for some people. Oh yeah, bye.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Shake from Arctic Circle

This is a caramel shake, in case you couldn't tell. Nice flavor, very thick, and really a shake to be eaten with a spoon.
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Saturday, June 05, 2010

I have decided to go with the version and spelling of the Slipknot song "Vermillion". There is more than one version of the song. I like all the versions I've heard, including the album version (with one 'l') and its longer guitar solo, and the radio single which I listened to many times while driving around to various places.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Slipknot's song "Vermillion" gets in 100 Best Rock Songs

Since I'm unable to sign in to my blogs the usual way, I've posted again from Picasa, this time using one of my old photos.

Paul Gray, Slipknot bassist, passed away in May, and he will be missed by his (and the band's) many, many fans worldwide. Slipknot's songs are always great to hear on the radio when I'm out and driving around, especially on a Friday night. "Vermillion" is one of my favorite metal/heavy-rock songs from the '00s and it will be in my list of 100 Best Rock Songs.

Here's a link to Slipknot's "Vermillion" video on YouTube.
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