Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello. Thanks for dropping by and viewing my blog. I now notice in the video there are English subtitles for the Spanish part of "L'Via L'Viaquez" by The Mars Volta.
You can view that video/listen to the song by clicking the link in the post below this one. The video is LOUD at the beginning, so please turn down the volume on your speakers ahead of time.

Take care.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Mars Volta rocks out!! (careful: LOUD at beginning of the song)...and secures a spot in the 100 Best Rock Songs

Here's a link to The Mars Volta video for their song "L'Via L'Viaquez" (LOUD when clicked) ... and it's a great video! Almost like a very interesting and beautiful nightmare, with the band performing one of the best songs ever. It's going to be in my list of 100 Best Rock Songs when I post it.

I can't remember ever having a nightmare with a great rock song playing (or you know, dreaming there was a great song playing), but maybe I just forgot the next morning.

Note: I didn't upload this video or any music videos to YouTube, and at this time I don't comment on videos in YouTube. Please show respect for the individual music artists, bands, their songs, videos, and their fans. We can disagree but let's be polite about it.

I watched this video for the first time recently, months after hearing two versions of the song (the longer album version, which is about 12 minutes long but terrific, and the equally wonderful single version) before making my decision that it was one of the 25 best songs of the '00s. And I was right too! I know many people out there agree with me.

There's much to be discussed about the song, and I did read in one discussion thread where they couldn't agree on the meaning of some Spanish words in the song, which has English and Spanish lyrics.

In my opinion, we don't always have to know the complete meaning of a song and worrying about it could produce a really scary nightmare, without a great soundtrack to help us get through it.

If I can think of anything to add, I will do it later. Take care.

Friday, July 02, 2010

(Pizza) Party on!

This is a better photo, so beings that I'm such a nice guy, check out that yummy Domino's pizza. I'm not connected to Domino's Pizza, though sometimes the pizza gets a little too connected to me, if ya know what I mean.

It almost makes me wish I were back in college... Well, that and the college girls. Like I said before, if only I had a string bikini theory that would take me to a parallel university with hot chicks in bikinis who actually liked me, then, maybe, I'd have it made.

Now, if modern physics just thought a little more like I do, we would all (of us guys) be better off. haha