Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Waiting for the Thai restaurant to open for dinner, I was in my car listening to some songs on the radio. It's a fun way to get through otherwise meaningless moments in time. I heard a Foo Fighters song and it made me feel happy. Can you tell? Oh yeah, that's just the side of my face. haha

Down to Everything

People may be wondering what is going on here these days. I don't know. Just gotta say life is tough and I'm down to everything. Yeah, that's classic me. I'm not down to nothing, I'm down to everything. I could write some damn poetry but what, do I look like Emily Dickinson to you? Don't I wish. Yeah, she was the greatest poet ever. I'm right about that too.

Soothing and yummy Thai Iced Tea

This is a Thai Iced Tea from Sa-wad-dee Thai Restaurant in Meridian, Idaho. It was the only way I could think of to soothe my stomach after I ate a very hot and spicy Thai green curry and rice. At first I didn't think I would need it so I drove off and got some more money from the teller machine, but I returned to the restaurant and bought the tea to make me feel better. I stirred the tea before taking this picture because I was in a hurry to start drinking it, and I sipped it before realizing maybe I should take a picture to show people how good it looks. Maybe next time I'll have a picture of how it looks the way they served it to me. I liked it a lot and it kept me from, shall I say shooting off like a rocket into space due to so much hot food inside me. Okay, that's not really possible, but you get the point.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday

Paris Hilton!!!

We must have Freedom for all people

I don't think they allow this in Iran. Not yet anyway... a very sexy commercial, well I'll put the link to it in the next post. But first let me say this...My idea for dictators is make them serve potators, I mean french fries and burgers for like the next 20 years to life, after they step down that is, then they will know what it means to be a public servant.

Seriously, yeah it's time for freedom and it always was! Be careful, be safe, but keep demanding freedom, wherever you live! I wish everyone the best in their lives.

Next time I'll post the link to Paris as fast as fast food commercials can get me excited... to eat fast food, of course. haha

Note: I don't think 'potators' is an English word but it sounded funny.