Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paris Hilton car wash video

This is not necessarily for anyone under 18 (although I didn't see words saying that under the video and I didn't post or upload this video to YouTube, I have no connection to Carl's Jr. and sad to say, no connection to Paris, although I sure would like to go there sometime... haha), also this is not for the anti-burger crowd because I don't want to be blamed for converting anyone to eating burgers and I don't eat burgers often but it's a choice (you know just like being a church lady who doesn't like guys who like pretty girls, err... I meant pretty big burgers, which goes double for the anti-swimsuit and anti-bikini mob who wants to turn a man and his many desires into a cold, unfeeling robot. And just when you thought the last sentence would put you right to sleep, this isn't for anyone who is just plain 'anti'... so anyway, why are so many beings being 'anti'? I have no idea. Maybe if I get struck by holy or unholy lightning I will just do a simple link with words something like a very yummy girl, I mean burger commercial.

I do joke around here but feel this was a great commercial! It doesn't hurt anyone except those who ate too many burgers and gained weight. But this also makes me want to go to a beach and chase pretty girls, or of course just go walking on the beach and lose weight that way.

Note: I did not write the title or post/upload the video to YouTube. I have no known serious or money connection to Carl's Jr. or Paris Hilton. Oh yeah, dammit! Next time I fall asleep I'll attempt to make that connection to her. haha