Thursday, March 24, 2011

The 'S' word for today is "Shake"

I needed to cool myself off after writing about you know who earlier today (see previous post, below), so I went for a shake to a town where I rarely see pretty girls. That sure brings me back to reality fast.
Thank goodness one 'S' word does exist around here and that is "shake" but I don't mean boogieing down in any manner of speaking.

This is Burger West (or let's just allow all caps "BURGER WEST") and while I didn't order the "RANCH HAND WITH FRYS", I later read over at the "I love Burger West!!!!!!!!!"Facebook public group that this is one of the main cravings of customers at this fast food joint.

My choice was the Oreo shake (pictured) and look at the above photo for a better camera angle which shows how the top of the shake appeared after I lifted up the lid. The photo was cropped because some guy walked out and was in the corner of it and that happens sometimes.