Saturday, July 02, 2011

Brownies aren't funny, they're delicious!

These brownies were hot out of the oven and cut while warm, just a few minutes before eating but not too many minutes because I had brownie hunger.

There's no logical reason for brownies showing up on a fast food blog, other than that it shows I'm real, I'm human, and also hmm let me think... if there were a combo meal of brownies, fries, and a soft drink I'd probably buy it. That's not intended as advice to fast food companies.

I'm attempting humor and while I should try harder, it's pointed out because someone could get the wrong idea and try to see how many brownies, fries, and sodas they can eat on a Saturday night, for example. Don't do that and if you are not able to apply thinking skills in everyday life, then please go away. Yes, another poor attempt at humor which of course would be better said by a really funny guy. However, I could be the writer, hint, hint.

Actually, I'd be more comfortable being in, sort of, a comedy material assembly line. We would start with a very, very funny man or woman writing the jokes, then it would go to another funny person for inspection, then the joke would come to me and I would take out a screwdriver and tighten the joke down a bit so it won't cause any injuries from the audience laughing too hard, then it goes on to another funny guy or gal, and then you would have an actual comedian look the joke over -- yawn for about 45 seconds punctuated by some painful looking expressions on his face-- and try to come up with his own jokes to explain that his writers went on vacation, or at least their minds are like on a cruise or something.

Pictured are Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies made from what the box describes as a "Traditional Chewy Brownie Mix" and on the back of the box, it tells you what other ingredients are needed and what to do.

Back to whatever comes to mind. Sometimes I get mixed up when baking, using a mix, but I try not to let myself down when I'm craving brownies.