Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why I have a fish wind sock hanging in the bedroom

is anyone's guess. But don't try to guess. One reason is I don't have a wife, which allows me to be myself. haha

All I'm sure of is the wind's not blowing in here. On a slightly different topic, I know I'll need goofier faces to even dare write about the legend's of comedy. But at this point in world history, which is continually being made, being funny is a lot closer to everyday humorless activity than ever before, and we should admit to (or not) the power of people posting their own funny guy and funny gal videos. Some are pretty darn funny and others, well, I may not understand them but I'm sure those people are trying their hardest. Just like me...look how hard I'm trying. haha

Yes, it's safe, I'm gone now. Going to see what other fast food or fast-food beverage I can find. Take care.

McDonald's McCafe Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

I drank this delicious sweet-tart lemonade before and wanted to try it again. Last time, my picture was somewhat dark and was difficult to see the beautiful colors of this lemonade soft drink, which is the reason for another picture (above). I was conflicted yesterday when going to look for a soft drink, wanting a fountain drink, too, from Love's (please refer to a recent post) and also craving a shake from just about any fast food place. I chose this large Frozen Strawberry Lemonade, purchasing it in a McDonald's drive-thru, but who knows what I will drink today. I don't know, but I hope to find out.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Use your fast food imagination

Maybe next time I'll get all of the Carl's Jr. name in the picture. Or maybe not.

Oh yeah, I should add that there were no pretty young ladies off on the other side of me in the picture (unless they are invisible), especially not Paris or anyone who looks like her. And if there was, you probably wouldn't see her because she would be mine or at least in my mind she would be mine. haha... It's my attempt at humor. And of course I'm making fun of fans who go too far in their near worship of celebrities, some of you thinking you are going to date or marry celebrities. Stop it! There will be more of my opinion on this subject and others, mixing in humor just so it doesn't get boring. Stay cool!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Yesterday's NATURAL-CUT FRIES at Carl's Jr. make me want to eat more of these fries again this evening. I like to eat a variety of foods, but when something tastes this good, I want to eat it again right away.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

No map to find love

But no map needed for me to find the nearby Love's and get a fountain drink.

Now, do you see on the cup, uhh kinda looks like a highway map of how to reach a fountain drink? It's not a real map. Good thing too, I'm sure I'd get lost between the "OUNCE 32" sign and "pepsi" sign (see the cup). They really ought to ask Love's customers what should be on the cup in between those two signs. I would recommend a tropical beach with, well umm, yeah... I won't elaborate now because it's morning and after eating cereal with milk I'm much too average at the moment for fantasy. I can be boring too and predictable, though perhaps in my case means I'm unpredictable.

So then, I might also put signs on the the cup-map highway that read Coke, Dr. Pepper, and Diet Coke because that's what I mixed into the drink along with Pepsi, plus, as I was told by employee before that I could add, sweet flavor shots of lime, lemon, cherry and vanilla. But the cup would run out of space with that many words on it. Too many flavors also can prove quite confusing though it's not much different than a relationship, one day it's like a strawberry, the next it's starfruit, and before long it's like a grapefruit. Oh I should have just blurted out that a bikini beach (on a fake, though fun, highway map) would be a good stop on the way to soda pop. Conclusion: Reality sucks, choose fantasy!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Local Dairy Queen has high quality breakfast for a fast food restaurant

This was the second time today that I had eaten blueberries, and I felt very healthy. So, can anyone guess where I had this big, yummy blueberry pancake with butter and syrup, plus a cold cranberry juice? Oh yeah, the name is in the title above.

The local Dairy Queen, in Ontario, Oregon, has a nice breakfast menu with various breakfast foods including a pancake and blueberries can be added. Next time, I think I'll try something different: Two blueberry pancakes.