Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why I have a fish wind sock hanging in the bedroom

is anyone's guess. But don't try to guess. One reason is I don't have a wife, which allows me to be myself. haha

All I'm sure of is the wind's not blowing in here. On a slightly different topic, I know I'll need goofier faces to even dare write about the legend's of comedy. But at this point in world history, which is continually being made, being funny is a lot closer to everyday humorless activity than ever before, and we should admit to (or not) the power of people posting their own funny guy and funny gal videos. Some are pretty darn funny and others, well, I may not understand them but I'm sure those people are trying their hardest. Just like me...look how hard I'm trying. haha

Yes, it's safe, I'm gone now. Going to see what other fast food or fast-food beverage I can find. Take care.