Thursday, September 29, 2011

Last time at Dutch Bros. Coffee

I couldn't get into the partying mood without an espresso drink, for example a latte. The lines were too long to get one so I decided to come back another day. But it was clear to me that a lot of customers were having a blast, and how else would they feel since Dutch Bros. was giving away free drinks all day for the grand opening.

This new coffee place is in a very convenient location for me, near where I like to shop. I did go there again last week and of course paid for my drink which was an iced latte.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana

I want to do my part to keep alive the memory of Kurt Cobain and continue to love his music, Nirvana, and other Grunge bands. My hope is that the music of Nirvana and grunge itself as a whole will really live on forever. Today is a special day in rock music history. It was 20 years ago today that Nirvana released "Nevermind", said to be one of the greatest rock albums of all time.

Scott McLean "Other" original - grunge

Scott McLean - singer, songwriter

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Free Drinks All Day today at a new Dutch Bros. Coffee in Meridian, Idaho

I nearly missed out on this fabulous party today, put on by Dutch Bros. at a brand new location close to Fred Meyer in Meridian, Idaho. This evening when I arrived, the music was loud, the crowd seemed quite pleased, and I could tell caffeine fans were having a Friday to remember!

The drinks were free all day, according to signs. A drive-thru worker happily shouted back to me that the drinks were free. Wow! Cool! I wanted to get in the line of cars in the drive-thru and tried to do exactly that, however it turned out the line was two lines. The first line had maybe five vehicles waiting, but then we were told to go back around another building to enter the line and it looked like several more cars in that line too. I decided to go to Dutch Bros. another time. It looks like a fun place to drink a latte, mocha, cappuccino or coffee. They can count on me to be there again, and soon. I wish them much success. Note: In 2007, I wrote about a Dutch Bros. Coffee stand in Portland, Oregon.

If gas goes to less than a dollar a gallon, I'll be in heaven or at least in Portland and Seattle

You have to look for anything you can to make conversation, and also get interesting pictures. The price of gasoline on the left was just a mistake, I suppose, because $10 only allowed me to pump 2.764 gallons of gasoline. Note: This picture was not doctored or altered; that's the way it was. I have no idea if it was a mistake or God... I mean Fred Meyer's got an odd sense of humor, or maybe they had a sale on gasoline and I missed out on it. This didn't do anything for my love life either, because the gal I talked with didn't seem to admire the ease with which I starting talking to her. I think Idaho is a state of mostly married people except for one girl (another girl that is) who said she doesn't like mainstream rock, she likes Tool. I think she was talking about the band. Either way, I should talk to her again. haha

Monday, September 12, 2011

Too 'Yumazing' for the average reader but it's for a good cause: promoting humor

For ADULTS, even though I'm sure all the kids are probably hogging the computer watching Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga videos. That's sort of double funny because Lady Gaga's videos go way beyond anything I ever do here in terms of getting teenagers to think about something other than their homework. Ok I'm never going to dance around in whatever it is she and her dancers are (almost not) wearing. Well, if I do it's private and if I know what's good for me, I won't even look in the mirror. haha

Now, let me see, just some oohed for ought! Like food for thought, but different.

Any other guys out their wish Serena Williams would yell at them every day. (Girls could wish that too if they are into that kind of thing.) That would probably mean she'd be the special girl in your life. It's worth dreaming about. I wanted to post a link to a rather 'yumazing' (combine the words yum and amazing) video of Serena on YouTube but some misguided people want to censor America these days, and the U.S. Congress is into chilling effects but honey child, you can't chill--or rather cool off dem pics, or rather the 'knee-jerk' (haha) reaction it tends to promote. Yeah, that kind of promotion is very pro human species. I believe in procreating. I remember reading somewhere that Serena said guys are afraid of dating her. I'm not scared. I'm ready! That is what I'd call a haha truth, both funny and real. But I'm very rusty at tennis -- don't think I've played this century--and other stuff, not that much time. But I could be faithful for the right girl/lady, even if yelled at but make sure to make up with me the right way. I like good food and... etc.

On a serious note, Serena is a great tennis player.

Then, of course, I was hoping Pamela Anderson and any other pretty girl in bikini lending their 'help' to PETA would protest me the way I like best, in err... their professional attire, or lack of it.

On a serious note, I like Pamela and PETA.

Oh! I just found a video of theirs and oh my gosh! even I was nervous and embarrassed so I know I'd love it. haha But I can't watch it right now, I'll do it before bed because there's sort of a partial strip search in that video but it's all for a good cause, to protect animals. I agree and I'm opposed to cruelty, and in favor of Pamela -- in my dreams -- doing what I saw at the beginning of the video. I only watched the start of the video, but I give it umm, not two thumbs, but you know, up.

This has nothing to do with fast food, yet it makes sense because I'm a guy and I'm always thinking of something funny to write. People may wonder is this the kind of conversation one might overhear while out eating fast food. Well, they do tend to get quite loud at other tables. I don't know everything they say but I sure wish I did. Do I run humor writing like this by someone before posting it? Well, the dog, sometimes mom, but if I was married I wouldn't tell my wife. Yeah, I'd have to stop writing at night because I'd be *BUSY*!!!

And I'm all for that sort of being busy. Remember, this is intended as humor and doesn't mean I'm a two-timer. Heck, I'm not even a one-timer right now. No real dates, so I'll see if I can find a very specific dating site, where all people like whatever that is Pamela is doing to that guy at the beginning of that video. Because I'm all for good causes, and want to meet someone else who has that same cause in mind.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

You will eat Chinese food: My idea for a before-meal fortune

Then no one could say their fortune didn't come true, unless they just sat there and stared at everyone else eating Chinese food. But don't do that, at least not if I'm eating there.

So, if you're like, umm dude, should I laugh or leave? Let me just say I'm no good at advice pertaining to whether or not you should like me. It's just, like, really up to you. The word like can be used many ways. For example, I like Panda Express.

Love might be pushing it a bit far, because I reserve the word for a girl/lady/gal who can't cook Chinese food and would take me know, Panda Express. So then, I really like Panda Express.

Is it a subjective or objective statement? I don't know, but I do know good food when I eat it. Panda Express entrees are as good as when I used to eat at a few of their locations, in the Portland metro area.

While not perfect every time, they are basically consistent in offering flavorful, fast Chinese food. Customers get and purchase their Chinese food in a short, fairly quick buffet-type line, served by workers. I'm not sure what's the limit on entrees, but I saw 3 Entrees as a possibility. Most of the time, I order 2 Entrees with fried rice, steamed white rice, or Chow Mein. Sometimes it's difficult for me to decide, but I must be decisive, I must!

This time I asked for Chow Mein and the 2 Entrees (pictured) which are Sweet Fire Chicken Breast and Orange Chicken. I've had the Orange Chicken many times in the past and most times it's great! On a few occasions, there wasn't enough chicken in each piece but often this dish is excellent in being a generous serving with enough chicken and quite delicious too. The Orange Chicken is only a little spicy, though very sweet and filling, making dessert unnecessary... at least until later. I don't usually need more food for several hours, or until tempted. But I make up for it by being decisive at making decisions. Not really, but I'm still hoping for dates this century, even though I won't be around for all of it, unless the Borg Queen assimilates me, or something. My humor is way too darn human. Sorry.

Almost beyond the gravity of boring reality, was the Sweet Fire Chicken Breast, which was a delight for my taste buddies (yes, I need buddies, so I did add to taste buds) though I should eat this chicken entree again before I give my full opinion. A surprisingly spicy chicken dish, though not very spicy compared to what I'm sure many people are used to and some other-countries' cuisines I've eaten as well. Note: The chow mein was very good, but I couldn't eat all of it. I'm slim/thin and hope to stay that way.

Hot-spicy food always makes me feel that I'm alive, which I am, I think, but I'm not going to get into philosophy right now. Oh well, a little bit of philosophy.

While I think I'm thinking as I'm typing, maybe I'm just part of a computer program and whether a particular food is spicy, sweet, good or bad is just part of the program. All fortunes could come true if we're just in a big giant computer but too much goes wrong which makes me think we are all too real. Our wants are a defining characteristic of what it means to be human. Oftentimes we want more than we should have at that time and we don't get it. And this makes me think...if we opened the fortune cookie first, before eating, and it said "You will eat Chinese food" at least most of us wouldn't take those fortunes home with us, and get our hopes up that whatever it said will come true. Although I do recommend it because it's kinda fun. By the way, if I do find where I put my fortune, I'll tell you what it said. I think it was pretty good and I know Panda Express is.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Panda Express for fast Chinese food

If I didn't know a particular location of Panda Express restaurant, then this would be a good way to get my attention. But I already knew about this place and was glad I did.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

What sounds and tastes SWEET?

Shortly after ice cream, I became rather thirsty and needed to quench my thirst somehow. I didn't have any place specific in mind though there were several options that entered into my thinking. I didn't think too much and went by instinct, or something like that. haha So I went to a McDonald's in Boise, Idaho. Should I go in and sit at a table? Well, I suppose I'm civilized enough for it. That's just more joking around. No, I'd rather use the drive-thru, I was thinking, and just about then some young guys began playing guitar and singing a song...let's just say it's a cover of a rock song that was a big hit, with the word 'Sweet' in the song title. Figured it out yet? These guys at McDonald's were talented and the song was very nice sounding the way they played and sang it. I hope they go far!

I had to get to the drive-thru and order the Sweet Tea, or the way the cup reads, in all caps: SWEET TEA

This time at McDonald's was awesome, dudes! And, of course, Sweet! My parents used to take me to McDonald's when I was a child and it was a favorite restaurant of mine, and let me just say O' how sweet it was to go to McDonald's. The last sentence was just my way of dropping some clues about the song title.


when I ordered the Chocolate Fudge Brownie Shake at Ben & Jerry's on Friday, the girl working there couldn't get the shake maker/blender to do what it's supposed to do. She apologized and I ordered three scoops of the Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream. The ice cream was very good, although the shake was what I really wanted.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Now that I see the last picture here, I suppose that is a better smile than some people I've seen who said they were smiling. I'm not referring to my readers because I know they all have great smiles and are very nice people! Keep smiling.

My somewhat expressionless "I'm drinking a shake" look

The Ben & Jerry's shake I drank was great! I was so impressed that I went back there on Friday, but...

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I can't really explain how I decided to write the song, released here last time. It's not about any specific relationship and there's not much more I can think of at the moment to describe the song.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Scott McLean "It's all your fault" original

Scott McLean: vocals, guitar, songwriter

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Shake

I had been planning for some amount of time to go have ice cream or a shake at the Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop in downtown Boise, Idaho.

After looking over their ice creams, I ordered a large Chocolate Fudge Brownie Shake. It's a rich, creamy, and filling shake, with great flavor and my thinking is it's an excellent quality ice cream.