Friday, September 16, 2011

Free Drinks All Day today at a new Dutch Bros. Coffee in Meridian, Idaho

I nearly missed out on this fabulous party today, put on by Dutch Bros. at a brand new location close to Fred Meyer in Meridian, Idaho. This evening when I arrived, the music was loud, the crowd seemed quite pleased, and I could tell caffeine fans were having a Friday to remember!

The drinks were free all day, according to signs. A drive-thru worker happily shouted back to me that the drinks were free. Wow! Cool! I wanted to get in the line of cars in the drive-thru and tried to do exactly that, however it turned out the line was two lines. The first line had maybe five vehicles waiting, but then we were told to go back around another building to enter the line and it looked like several more cars in that line too. I decided to go to Dutch Bros. another time. It looks like a fun place to drink a latte, mocha, cappuccino or coffee. They can count on me to be there again, and soon. I wish them much success. Note: In 2007, I wrote about a Dutch Bros. Coffee stand in Portland, Oregon.