Friday, September 16, 2011

If gas goes to less than a dollar a gallon, I'll be in heaven or at least in Portland and Seattle

You have to look for anything you can to make conversation, and also get interesting pictures. The price of gasoline on the left was just a mistake, I suppose, because $10 only allowed me to pump 2.764 gallons of gasoline. Note: This picture was not doctored or altered; that's the way it was. I have no idea if it was a mistake or God... I mean Fred Meyer's got an odd sense of humor, or maybe they had a sale on gasoline and I missed out on it. This didn't do anything for my love life either, because the gal I talked with didn't seem to admire the ease with which I starting talking to her. I think Idaho is a state of mostly married people except for one girl (another girl that is) who said she doesn't like mainstream rock, she likes Tool. I think she was talking about the band. Either way, I should talk to her again. haha