Sunday, September 04, 2011

What sounds and tastes SWEET?

Shortly after ice cream, I became rather thirsty and needed to quench my thirst somehow. I didn't have any place specific in mind though there were several options that entered into my thinking. I didn't think too much and went by instinct, or something like that. haha So I went to a McDonald's in Boise, Idaho. Should I go in and sit at a table? Well, I suppose I'm civilized enough for it. That's just more joking around. No, I'd rather use the drive-thru, I was thinking, and just about then some young guys began playing guitar and singing a song...let's just say it's a cover of a rock song that was a big hit, with the word 'Sweet' in the song title. Figured it out yet? These guys at McDonald's were talented and the song was very nice sounding the way they played and sang it. I hope they go far!

I had to get to the drive-thru and order the Sweet Tea, or the way the cup reads, in all caps: SWEET TEA

This time at McDonald's was awesome, dudes! And, of course, Sweet! My parents used to take me to McDonald's when I was a child and it was a favorite restaurant of mine, and let me just say O' how sweet it was to go to McDonald's. The last sentence was just my way of dropping some clues about the song title.