Sunday, September 11, 2011

You will eat Chinese food: My idea for a before-meal fortune

Then no one could say their fortune didn't come true, unless they just sat there and stared at everyone else eating Chinese food. But don't do that, at least not if I'm eating there.

So, if you're like, umm dude, should I laugh or leave? Let me just say I'm no good at advice pertaining to whether or not you should like me. It's just, like, really up to you. The word like can be used many ways. For example, I like Panda Express.

Love might be pushing it a bit far, because I reserve the word for a girl/lady/gal who can't cook Chinese food and would take me know, Panda Express. So then, I really like Panda Express.

Is it a subjective or objective statement? I don't know, but I do know good food when I eat it. Panda Express entrees are as good as when I used to eat at a few of their locations, in the Portland metro area.

While not perfect every time, they are basically consistent in offering flavorful, fast Chinese food. Customers get and purchase their Chinese food in a short, fairly quick buffet-type line, served by workers. I'm not sure what's the limit on entrees, but I saw 3 Entrees as a possibility. Most of the time, I order 2 Entrees with fried rice, steamed white rice, or Chow Mein. Sometimes it's difficult for me to decide, but I must be decisive, I must!

This time I asked for Chow Mein and the 2 Entrees (pictured) which are Sweet Fire Chicken Breast and Orange Chicken. I've had the Orange Chicken many times in the past and most times it's great! On a few occasions, there wasn't enough chicken in each piece but often this dish is excellent in being a generous serving with enough chicken and quite delicious too. The Orange Chicken is only a little spicy, though very sweet and filling, making dessert unnecessary... at least until later. I don't usually need more food for several hours, or until tempted. But I make up for it by being decisive at making decisions. Not really, but I'm still hoping for dates this century, even though I won't be around for all of it, unless the Borg Queen assimilates me, or something. My humor is way too darn human. Sorry.

Almost beyond the gravity of boring reality, was the Sweet Fire Chicken Breast, which was a delight for my taste buddies (yes, I need buddies, so I did add to taste buds) though I should eat this chicken entree again before I give my full opinion. A surprisingly spicy chicken dish, though not very spicy compared to what I'm sure many people are used to and some other-countries' cuisines I've eaten as well. Note: The chow mein was very good, but I couldn't eat all of it. I'm slim/thin and hope to stay that way.

Hot-spicy food always makes me feel that I'm alive, which I am, I think, but I'm not going to get into philosophy right now. Oh well, a little bit of philosophy.

While I think I'm thinking as I'm typing, maybe I'm just part of a computer program and whether a particular food is spicy, sweet, good or bad is just part of the program. All fortunes could come true if we're just in a big giant computer but too much goes wrong which makes me think we are all too real. Our wants are a defining characteristic of what it means to be human. Oftentimes we want more than we should have at that time and we don't get it. And this makes me think...if we opened the fortune cookie first, before eating, and it said "You will eat Chinese food" at least most of us wouldn't take those fortunes home with us, and get our hopes up that whatever it said will come true. Although I do recommend it because it's kinda fun. By the way, if I do find where I put my fortune, I'll tell you what it said. I think it was pretty good and I know Panda Express is.