Sunday, October 30, 2011

fast food, sci-fi humor, and music

I decided to check in here after midnight (Sunday AM) because not much was going on. After being sick during the week, I'm still not completely better but wanted to go out and pick up some fast food. Tonight's orders (on Saturday night) were McDonald's large french fries and the Jack in the Box Jumbo Breakfast Platter with Bacon, and an Oreo Cookie shake. Those two fast food restaurants are across the street from each other.

Someone needs to start a big, all-night food court here, where guys and gals can hang out and get better acquainted... acquainted with food, that is... well, no, you knew what I meant, a place so available people can get to know one another, but two or three, or a dozen would be fine too. haha By the way, haha means I'm joking and besides, I can only handle one gal, preferably at a distance, except when I return to Vulcan to fight Spock, or his Vulcan stuntman-body double, for the right to romance a beauty with pointy ears. I'm very, very much joking in the last sentence. So, you know, Forget! But I have no special powers to make forgetting possible so you'll have to do that on your own.

What else is fascinating? I have no idea. Wait!

Oh yeah, I finished my 100 Best Rock Songs List (1970 to 2010)-- a serious and legitimate list, after spending more than two years comparing many, many songs -- and about a week ago I posted the list on The Overcast Inside. That's my music blog. I will update the list to include some songs from 2010.