Monday, October 31, 2011


I still love you, T'Pring. haha (but I'm serious too)

Her shiny dress was a boy magnet. Well, I'm speaking about myself when I was a boy, so for Halloween, I'm going to butterfly effect back into my mind n' brain when I was about ages 12,13,14 because that should prove to be very frightening. I was a good kid so nothing bad or too strange. Just wouldn't want to get stuck back there. haha

See for yourself what this is all about and why this episode of Star Trek, "Amok Time", from the original series is great! Not for kids, umm, let me think how to put this, unless you saw it on TV? haha Sounds like a lot of modern-day hypocrisy. There's some fighting over a Vulcan chick they don't really want, but I did want her back in my younger years, when I watched this on... umm yeah, TV. I'm not saying I wanted to fight for her, just wanted to watch it again, which I did whenever it was on TV. Maybe that explains why I wanted to be Spock when I was a kid. Also didn't want emotions, etc. I think my goal was to build a spaceship, or better yet a starship, or a time portal leading to beautiful Star Trek women everywhere.

At first I wanted to visit "strange new worlds" and mainly that, then a bit later I wanted to meet some strange new girls. haha As far as I knew, no boy had ever boldly gone there--to meet them-- before, and as you realize this is just writing, a blend of sci-fi, fantasy, and humor, which is supposed to be interesting. Actually, I just let my mind run wild. Same as now. My imagination takes me beyond boredom. Well, most of the time.

If you just want to get right to the sci-fi action with some real primitive-style fighting of the future, from the '60s TV show, then follow this link and enjoy! It's Halloween, have fun!! I want mine to last for a week or two. I'll eat some candy and forget about T'Pring. Yeah, right!