Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Borshch (also spelled Borscht) is delicious! 

This morning I made this Borshch.  The bowl of borshch has a Bay Leaf on top.  Don't Eat the Bay Leaves. The borshch was cooked in the pot (as pictured above) and has cabbage, potatoes, beet, carrot, etc. 

I ate this soup today for lunch, but it was my first meal of the day, so I guess it was like a brunch or breakfast borshch.  I can eat it anytime. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

This note explains the last post about McDonald's Sweet Tea

I wanted to add to my last post that I meant the first time when I paid for this specific cup of Sweet Tea, that the tea was too weak.  Earlier in the evening, I went to another McDonald's and the Sweet Tea was even weaker and when I took the lid off, the tea almost looked like water with ice.  Not good!  Then I went to this other McDonald's and the first tea there was great!  Then, I forget what I did but, just listened to songs on the radio, then when I ran out of Sweet Tea, I went back to buy another one since it's only a dollar, and the first one of those was too weak.  The picture was taken after she remade the tea drink somehow.  I liked it better.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A large McDonald's Sweet Tea for a dollar

The McDonald's Sweet Tea this evening was too weak the first time, but this picture is after the girl at the drive-thru window made it again.  I'm not sure if she added more tea or replaced it completely with a new cup of Sweet Tea.  It's a sweet iced tea, and it's very good when they make it correctly. 

Mentioned in the article (below), this is my Egg Nog Shake from McDonald's this evening

I went to McDonald's and am still trying to finish drinking this shake as I post this picture.  I was parked outside McDonald's when I snapped this picture and was trying to think what to do later.  Writing is about all I could think of.  Well, that and playing guitar, so I've been doing both, and I'll listen to more songs on the radio too.  I was listening to a radio station that plays hit songs of the '70s and '80s, and that was kinda fun.  

Is pre-Black Friday like a taste of hell after the Thanksgiving feast?

I drove to see if the McDonald's near the freeway entrance in Ontario, Oregon was open on Thanksgiving night, after finding that the one on the other side of town wasn't open, but that McDonald's wasn't open either, and neither was Burger King, as far as I could tell.

Across the street, it looked like Carl's Jr. had lights on, but I didn't think it was open. Oh, by the way, the sign at McDonald's said they were open for breakfast, but I was busy watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and then the Packers-Lions game, so, you know, I was doing what was most important. The Packers won and I'm not making any excuses.  They were the better team and deserved to win.

I'm a Lions fan and also a fan of the Redskins and Jets, which I previously wrote about in this blog, but knew the Lions would have to play their best to win. They weren't quite at that level on Thursday.

However, I thought the Lions played great in the first half, though they had several penalties which prevented them from scoring a touchdown or field goals in that first half. The score was 7-0 Packers at halftime, and the Lions were staying close. But then in the second half, the Packers got their amazing offense going the way they have most of the season and of course going back to last season leading to their Super Bowl win.

The Lions fell far behind in the second half but didn't give up, and that's admirable. It's a game they clearly will learn from and hopefully it will make them better.

In my opinion, too much has been made of the Ndamukong Suh being ejected from the game in the third quarter, and almost as though writers think it helped swing the momentum over to the Packers. I don't think the momentum changed because the Lions never had the momentum.  But losing Suh for the rest of the game was a problem. So many penalties were a bigger problem.

But let's not forget that some of the great teams of the past at times had lots of penalties and they kept winning. Tough, aggressive play will result in penalties, however there is such a thing as too many penalties especially when playing the best team, and that's what the Packers are right now.

Some of those great teams in NFL history also had tough players who made some very questionable and controversial hits on opponents, some were fair and within the rules of the game and other hits appeared like they were trying to intentionally injure an opponent. That was the worst part of the NFL, in my opinion! However, most football players were and are just playing the game and it is a very rough, physical sport. Suh is a great player and I hope everything works out for him, and that he figures out how to continue playing at the high level he's reached without too many penalties and distractions for his teammates.  I think he can continue to be great and play within the rules.

Well, getting back to what was and was not open last night... There was the local Wal-Mart superstore with more action than a football game.

In small towns, people go to Walmart the same way they used to pack into shopping malls. I have no idea where everybody is hanging out these days but don't see much going on at malls except for during the pre-holiday shopping blitz. Many people, I suppose, just sit at the computer, which is fairly safe, though that can be quite boring too.

Anyway, when I reached the Walmart parking lot, it was almost like looking for a parking space at a football game or a rock concert. In other words, a real pain in butt. Also good for causing tension headaches. Dammit! I knew shopping on Black Friday would be way too much stress for me -- on Friday (and I didn't go shopping Friday) -- but I had no idea there would be so many people on Thanksgiving night.

I drove over near Carl's Jr. through another large parking lot. I think all the small stores over there were closed for the night because it was around 10 pm.  Most of this other parking lot was filling up with vehicles just like the Walmart parking lot. I wondered if maybe there was something *interesting* (that would be a different and very limited definition of interesting) going on in Walmart, such as -- I was imagining -- what if a rock band is there. Don't get on me about an overactive imagination, because daydreaming helps me survive.

It turned out Thanksgiving, by Thursday night is only the beginning of Black Friday. Holidays have taken a backseat to money-making in America. We even forget which day it is now.

That noted, I got out of the vehicle and walked through two parking lots, and for some reason I had an earache. I saw many people walking there. A few were almost the size of football linemen, and maybe two or three looked capable of 'unsportsmanlike conduct' -- though shopping should never become a sport. But it's okay with me if searching everywhere on a holiday for open fast food restaurants becomes a sport. I could start training early next year and maybe even improve my shopping statistics. Oh yeah, I don't think there are statistics in shopping! So then I'm just kidding.

I'm also glad I didn't get tackled at Walmart, fumble my wallet, or get sacked by shoppers coming in when I realized I couldn't walk much of anywhere inside there, and decided to leave after about two minutes of absolute shock and horror caused by seeing so many people packed into one building. I don't know what the specials or discounts were but they must have been good.

I said there could be people getting into fights, and if there were a fire, it would be very dangerous and people could get hurt or die. Why doesn't Wal-Mart have managers who think this through ahead of time. I'm not a prophet or psychic, okay sometimes I get it right, but when I turned on Google News on Friday afternoon, the top story was about violence, fighting, and people getting pepper sprayed at Wal-Mart stores on Black Friday.  Not the local store, but still it's a problem that Walmart has created and needs to solve.

Shopping is a sport if the measure of a sport is how physical and tough the participants are but maybe it's closer to "Rollerball" or "The Running Man", or "Planet of the Apes", but I guess that last one wasn't a sport, though violent at times. (Of course all were movies.) Get your hands off of me, you d$$$ d$$$$ Walmart shoppers.  Just kidding. Oh well, I tried to bring this back to some kind of sense of humor though 'common sense' isn't too common and it's not something I want to mention in regard to the Walmart crowds and the Walmart management.  They'll have to show me they can do better first.

I'm not ready to refer to shoppers as athletes, but it might help to be one in order to go shopping these days. I'm a writer, sometimes in the past I picked which teams I thought would win (I'm opposed to gambling, I only wrote about it) and my best guess is that the shoppers on Monday or Tuesday will win more than the ones on Black Friday! I don't consider saving money and at the same time putting oneself in harms way to be winning.  I hate shopping a little bit more each day!  Yes, I used to like shopping but this year on pre-Black Friday, what I saw was just plain awful.
In case someone was curious, I ordered the Supreme Croissant at the Jack in the Box drive-thru the night of Thanksgiving, between 10 pm and 10:30 pm.  Remember, I said I would go out but not for any specific reason.

First, I wanted to see if McDonald's was open because Sweet Tea would have tasted good. It wasn't open.

However tonight, Saturday evening that is, I finally had the Sweet Tea at McDonald's, but I do have a mixed opinion about this menu item. The tea was weak and not sweet at all the first time.  This has happened before too.  I drank some sips and then threw it away because it was like drinking water and if I wanted water, I could just go to the kitchen.  Also, I could make better iced tea but I like the Sweet Tea when they make it right.  So I didn't give up as the night was still young.

I went to another McDonald's across town.  The Sweet Tea was great the first time at that McDonald's location, and I liked it so much I ordered it again about an hour later, but the tea was weak and not good.  I also ordered an Egg Nog Shake and it was very good.

But I had to go back through the drive-thru to tell the girl working there that the tea was weak.  She did it over and it was a little bit better.  I'm still drinking both drinks as I type this article.

This is an article, by the way, and I'm a great writer, even if some losers don't like my writing and even if some people wanted to keep me from getting a job as a writer.  They lose, I win.  I'm great, and they suck!

Anyway, the girl at the drive-thru window said that the Sweet Tea was weak because they were running out of tea.  I'm glad she remade my Sweet Tea... but Hmm... the shift manager or supervisor, or whoever is in charge needs to make sure that the tea is consistent, otherwise customers will be unsatisfied and go to another fast food restaurant.  Consistent fast-food beverages are an important part of attracting customers and keeping customers happy. I thought it necessary for me to emphasize this right now while it's fresh in my mind.  It's definitely something I concerned about.

I will writer more next time, and I'll attempt to finish this article with what happened on Thanksgiving when I went out.  I wish I hadn't...gone out that is.  What a bummer early Black Friday is, and perhaps the dumbest American tradition.
It's all about money, people only care about money these days, not all people, but far too many people.  It's sick!
I notice how nobody listens to me or thinks I have anything worth saying.  Yeah, that makes me depressed.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Is fast food becoming a modern Thanksgiving tradition?

Hope this includes evening and late-night

It's almost 8:30 pm on Thanksgiving, I already ate turkey and the other traditional Thanksgiving foods about 6 hours ago, and now I'll go out, not for any special reason except to see what's open.  The drive-thru at Jack in the Box --  where its sign (pictured above) promises "OPEN THANKSGIVING DAY" -- will be one of my stops.  I'll find out if it includes tonight.  We already had Egg Nog shakes from Jack in the Box at about 10:30 pm last night.  (There were three of us and three shakes, and I'd call that fair.) So, what should I eat from there this time? Oh well, I won't put in much thought on that one.

This picture was not the most recent time I was there.  However, Mom and I did drink Egg Nog shakes that time too, and this picture was to help us remember that JITB would be open for Thanksgiving. 

I think a lot of stores were open today, though I just don't get it. It's Thanksgiving Day, you know, and shouldn't people take a time for rest and relaxation!  Clearly stores are open because they want us to buy, buy, buy and spend a lot of money.  

Honestly, I don't like the human obsession with money, and reality is getting to be quite annoying, so I hope there's something else, for example heaven, or a dimension where all beings are nice and aren't superficial or self-centered.  If not, that would be very sad to think about.  

Also, while I'm at it, I hope that if there is something else, heaven or a similar type of beautiful paradise where everyone feels happy and cares about everyone else, then I hope fast food is served on Thanksgiving, not necessarily the main meal because I still want turkey with the rest of the holiday feast, even if they don't have Thanksgiving there. After all, if they do let Americans in (and everyone else too, but right now Thanksgiving and Americans are the subject of my writing), hopefully they will care about what we like and want to please us. haha, indeed. 

We humans just can't separate from our self-centered thoughts, and for me it's important to eat what I want, when I want it, and that's the way it's gonna be!  Sorry!  I'm kidding. But don't downplay the importance of humor in dealing with difficulty in life.  I think it's time to stop thinking for a couple of hours, and going out for fast food will give me a chance to do just that, and less.  Hmm...just have fun!  I need to listen to myself more often.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Because for me, football 'talk' goes with food

I ate a little pizza, sipped some coffee, and have gone back to drinking a shake, and thinking about football just to provide some variety in thought life and my writing.  As I wrote before, topics that typically might be discussed while hanging out with friends -- at a fast food restaurant -- will be written about here from time to time.  The NFL this time of year is one of the more interesting topics, in my opinion.

The Detroit Lions (7-3) are much better this year than they've been in a long time. I checked today's box scores & stats and decided to let fans know how the Lions did today.  Pretty good.

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was 28 out of 36, passing the football for 335 yards and 5 touchdown passes in the 49-35 win over the Carolina Panthers.  That's great!  The only problem for us Lions fans, besides that the Lions were pounded last week by the Chicago Bears, is that Thanksgiving Day game on Thursday is against the Green Bay Packers who are the NFL's only undefeated (10-0) team.  The Lions play at home in front of their fans but will that prove to be enough of an advantage?

The defending Super Bowl champion Packers are a great team and still the team to beat, but can anybody keep them from repeating as champions?  I don't know.  Once the playoffs start, maybe the motivation for other playoff teams to try and knock off the Packers will be looking back at what happened to the New England Patriots in their undefeated 16-0 season four years ago when they also won their AFC playoffs games, then lost a very close Super Bowl to the New York Giants, who won the big game on the heroics of Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

Am I implying that mean all playoff teams are equal?  Uh not really, but even if most teams can't hope for a Super Bowl championship this year, they can hope for some hope.  I was going to attempt to recite some Emily Dickinson poetry but aren't you glad I didn't.  Sorry, I'm tired.

Long story longer...

Well, I'm happy the Lions are back to being a contender but they will have to play their best football to win on Thanksgiving.  It's not a must-win game though they need to keep winning to have a chance to reach the playoffs as a wild-card.  The Bears (7-3) are and exciting team, and some other NFC teams are coming on strong as the wild-card chase gets interesting.  I'm not going to say anything is for sure for the Lions, however I'm glad they are an improved football team and hope they'll be good for years to come.  We'll have to wait and see!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Scott McLean ".tVog n't NyETbody" (original) - new

Scott McLean: Singer, Songwriter
Prog-rockapella, progressive rock, spontaneous, semi-spontaneous, impromptu, extemporaneous, improv, classical, medieval, strange lyrics and vocal style, themes include Internet, freedom of speech, government trying to be like a god, God, philosophical nonsense. Some of my influences include Progressive Rock, Grunge, Gothic Metal, while specific influences are the bands Gentle Giant, Family, Yes, Yezda Urfa, Nirvana, Lacuna Coil, and many others, also Hymns, even a few Hers, especially my Mom's singing from the time I was a kid up 'til now, and of course Scott McLean (me), which means my earlier singing and songs (mostly unreleased) influenced this song.

Try to figure out the song title:

".tVog n't NyETbody" by Scott McLean

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Breakfast is just as good at night

Here's a Jack in the Box breakfast meal for only $2.99... it's the Jumbo Breakfast Platter with Bacon.

I couldn't eat all the food that night even with a little help from a not-so-little friend, but I ate enough to make me feel better. I had a stomach problem earlier in the evening, perhaps from eating something (before, and not from a restaurant) that didn't agree with me.

So in some sense, this breakfast meal helped my stomach.

Read my mind

No new taxes! Just kidding. Do you have my Jack in the Box order?

Not on Halloween but still looks a bit scary!