Sunday, November 20, 2011

Because for me, football 'talk' goes with food

I ate a little pizza, sipped some coffee, and have gone back to drinking a shake, and thinking about football just to provide some variety in thought life and my writing.  As I wrote before, topics that typically might be discussed while hanging out with friends -- at a fast food restaurant -- will be written about here from time to time.  The NFL this time of year is one of the more interesting topics, in my opinion.

The Detroit Lions (7-3) are much better this year than they've been in a long time. I checked today's box scores & stats and decided to let fans know how the Lions did today.  Pretty good.

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was 28 out of 36, passing the football for 335 yards and 5 touchdown passes in the 49-35 win over the Carolina Panthers.  That's great!  The only problem for us Lions fans, besides that the Lions were pounded last week by the Chicago Bears, is that Thanksgiving Day game on Thursday is against the Green Bay Packers who are the NFL's only undefeated (10-0) team.  The Lions play at home in front of their fans but will that prove to be enough of an advantage?

The defending Super Bowl champion Packers are a great team and still the team to beat, but can anybody keep them from repeating as champions?  I don't know.  Once the playoffs start, maybe the motivation for other playoff teams to try and knock off the Packers will be looking back at what happened to the New England Patriots in their undefeated 16-0 season four years ago when they also won their AFC playoffs games, then lost a very close Super Bowl to the New York Giants, who won the big game on the heroics of Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

Am I implying that mean all playoff teams are equal?  Uh not really, but even if most teams can't hope for a Super Bowl championship this year, they can hope for some hope.  I was going to attempt to recite some Emily Dickinson poetry but aren't you glad I didn't.  Sorry, I'm tired.

Long story longer...

Well, I'm happy the Lions are back to being a contender but they will have to play their best football to win on Thanksgiving.  It's not a must-win game though they need to keep winning to have a chance to reach the playoffs as a wild-card.  The Bears (7-3) are and exciting team, and some other NFC teams are coming on strong as the wild-card chase gets interesting.  I'm not going to say anything is for sure for the Lions, however I'm glad they are an improved football team and hope they'll be good for years to come.  We'll have to wait and see!