Friday, November 04, 2011

Scott McLean ".tVog n't NyETbody" (original) - new

Scott McLean: Singer, Songwriter
Prog-rockapella, progressive rock, spontaneous, semi-spontaneous, impromptu, extemporaneous, improv, classical, medieval, strange lyrics and vocal style, themes include Internet, freedom of speech, government trying to be like a god, God, philosophical nonsense. Some of my influences include Progressive Rock, Grunge, Gothic Metal, while specific influences are the bands Gentle Giant, Family, Yes, Yezda Urfa, Nirvana, Lacuna Coil, and many others, also Hymns, even a few Hers, especially my Mom's singing from the time I was a kid up 'til now, and of course Scott McLean (me), which means my earlier singing and songs (mostly unreleased) influenced this song.

Try to figure out the song title:

".tVog n't NyETbody" by Scott McLean