Saturday, December 03, 2011

DQ Peanut Butter Shake among my longtime favorites

I wanted to go to Dairy Queen today (Saturday) and invited my mother to go with me. We each bought our own treats, and I ordered a meal there after starting to drink this yummy peanut butter shake.  I liked peanut butter on just about everything in times many years before Fast Food Yummy. (B.F.F.Y.) LOL And I recall ordering peanut butter shakes at Dairy Queen in those days of much time ago.  I hope no future civilizations -- due to boredom or because they lost all historical records except my fast food blog -- base their calendar on when this blog started.  However, if I ever write an autobiography, which would mean I'd be famous, I will try to figure out when I drank my first peanut butter shake at Dairy Queen, and to the best of my ability be honest about when that was. (Before peanut butter shakes, I liked strawberry shakes and still do, but that really is ancient history.) It means you'd know my age, but it would be okay if you bought my autobiography, which would make me rich, to go along with famous.  I'm kidding.  I won't ever tell you my age and in exchange you can keep the fame and fortune.  But you can't have my peanut butter shake.