Saturday, December 03, 2011

Iceberg Drive Inn to get great review

Monday was an interesting day.  I went, I ate, I drank, but first I felt some sadness because a fast food restaurant that I enjoyed about a month ago was closed.  I'm not sure what the word 'closed' means as it's used in the sentence "Iceberg Drive Inn Is Now Closed", which is what the note on their drive-thru menu said.

I'm talking about the Iceberg Drive Inn on North Milwaukee Street, Boise, Idaho.  I don't read the Idaho newspapers much or watch the local (Idaho) news, so I don't usually follow what Idaho businesses are doing.

Not wanting to give up, I went to another Iceberg restaurant location and found that it was gone and a new restaurant was there instead. I was disappointed and also getting hungry.

Iceberg Drive Inn will still get a great review, which was basically written in November.  I hadn't posted it yet because I was hoping to get a photo of the shake, like the one I ate about a month ago.  It was a delicious Ice Cream Shake and their fries were very tasty.  The radio program that I was listening to at the same time was about one of my favorite bands from the '70s, and it was a very pleasant surprise.  Everything seemed too good to be true, so I had to ask myself whether this had just been a dream.  I'm sure it was real.  We just need more of reality to be like those rare dreamlike occasions.