Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The cheesecake below was to celebrate my birthday, but we had to eat it the next night (pictured below) because after going out for dinner, we were too full.

Yes to cheesecake

             Cheesecake to celebrate my birthday

Monday, January 23, 2012

Do I know what will happen in the future? Well no, but does anyone remember this...

Sunday, November 20, 2011
Because for me, football 'talk' goes with food

(I quote my writing.)

"The defending Super Bowl champion Packers are a great team and still the team to beat, but can anybody keep them from repeating as champions? I don't know. Once the playoffs start, maybe the motivation for other playoff teams to try and knock off the Packers will be looking back at what happened to the New England Patriots in their undefeated 16-0 season four years ago when they also won their AFC playoffs games, then lost a very close Super Bowl to the New York Giants, who won the big game on the heroics of Giants quarterback Eli Manning."

It almost seems as though both teams were reading my blog -- or something -- because both teams are going to the Super Bowl.

And yes, and as it turned out, the team that kept the Green Bay Packers from repeating as champions was the New York Giants because they knocked the Packers out of the playoffs in their NFC divisional playoff game.

Then yesterday, in the NFC championship game, the Giants (9-7 regular season record) in overtime beat the San Francisco 49ers (13-3 regular season). In the AFC championship game, The New England Patriots also won a close game, over the Baltimore Ravens. The Patriots had no problem against the Denver Broncos the week before, but weren't so dominant on Sunday.

Did the Patriots (13-3 regular season) peak too early again, the way they did the season when they were undefeated, and the Giants beat them in the Super Bowl? Will it be Eli Manning, the Giants quarterback, or Patriots quarterback Tom Brady who will provide the game-winning heroics this time? Or another football player? And, which team will win the Super Bowl? To all questions: I don't know.

But what I didn't know in November (plus my football analysis) made more sense than what some football writers and analysts think they do know. Of course that's not saying much.

My Wish for all Dogs to be loved

I plan to come back and have many more posts this year about fast food.  However, I decided to leave my writing about the dog up at the top as long as possible.  It's very serious and matters to me.

It's my belief that we should respect life and rights of all people and animals.  My wish for 2012 and always is that all dogs would be loved, including stray or homeless dogs, and I hope people will be nice to them.


Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Wander wins person of the year on YouTube for 2011-2012

It's an award to honor someone, although this actually is to honor a dog.  I don't have any plan to pick a person of the year every year, but I chose to name this person of the year because dogs are very important in our world. It will be for 2011 to some month in 2012 but I don't know if there will any other chosen unless I think it's important to honor someone else. Here is why this dog should be remembered this way.

Wander was a badly abused dog, who loved people and she passed away in 2011. I only found out about this beautiful dog in the early morning hours of Dec. 31 and this is my hand-written story about why I feel this dog was so special to everyone, even though I never met her, and feel she was better than most people these days, especially on YouTube.  Some of those people leaving comments all over that website (below videos) were very hateful, racist, mean, and nasty, but by contrast Wander was a sweet dog, who loved more than most people do or even try to, so she wins person of the year on YouTube although she was a dog.  God bless her and I know she is with God in heaven now.

I wrote the following story by hand in the evening around 7:30 pm or about that time (maybe the time on the computer is a bit off) of what I learned about this wonderful dog.  It's around 1:30 am right now on New Year's Day. It's dark outside, I'm getting a bit tired, and I'm still sad but wanted to publish this right away at the very beginning of 2012.  Click to enlarge the photo if you want to read what I wrote.