Wednesday, February 29, 2012

McDonald's McCafe Shamrock Shake

It's way up on my mental list of tasty treats but maybe absence (it's only for a limited time) will also make my taste buds grow even fonder of this shake.  One McDonald's advertisement I saw online refers to the McCafe Shamrock Shake as having a minty flavor, but it's difficult for me to name the flavor.

Did a Leprechaun have anything to do with making this a delightfully flavorful, somewhat strong, but almost perfect flavored shake?  I doubt it because that would mean I believed Leprechauns actually exist.  I've never actually seen one and maybe that's because they are way too busy to be seen by us simple folk. However, similar to someone telling his or her buddy about a leprechaun he really, really saw a few minutes ago, and then when they get there it's gone, the Shamrock Shake won't be there by the time most people try to find it, according to what I read in the advertisement.  One of the the workers at a McDonald's told me the shake would only be sold there until the 28th or 29th of this month.  I hope he meant the 29th because I'm going to McDonald's right now. 

Now, even though I don't really believe in them, I suppose Leprechauns will start googling my blog.  Just so they don't complain or cause any serious problems for me, and agree to helping me become rich and famous (joking), I suppose we can become friends.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jack in the Box Bacon Shake (part fun)

I was sitting in the parking lot, in a vehicle of course, after going through the drive-thru, and just wanted to hear my own voice. Well no, I didn't really want to hear my own voice and that's not the reason for me talking instead of only writing about the shake. 

My voice not exactly wanted I to hear ... and now that I've stopped writing kinda like how a certain sci-fi movie character (you know who) talks, I can also write that a female voice would be better to hear while I was drinking the shake, which would mean I was on a date (or listening to the radio when a female DJ was talking) and I know that the date thing wouldn't have been real.  By comparison, the Bacon Shake is real, or sort of real, well at least the nice girls working there told me it's made with bacon-flavored syrup and ice cream.  Hmm.. what else?  Oh, they said nobody had ordered one yet, but I think they meant at that specific Jack in the Box restaurant, and that was over two weeks ago so I'm sure others tried this shake by now.  

In my opinion, there are better shake flavors but I like this enough to get it again, though first I would either have to get tired of their OREO Cookie Shake or they would have to stop making it.  Please don't because I'll never get tired of it.

There's another part to this review of the Bacon Shake, also with the title "Jack in the Box Bacon Shake (part fun)".  Well, I'd call these part one and part two, but that would be boring.  Can I publish two different posts with the same title?  I don't know.  First, though, maybe I'll post some other stuff.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cold Stone Creamery "Cream de Menthe" shake

I was standing out in the parking lot and had just bought this Cream de Menthe ice cream shake at Cold Stone Creamery in Meridian, Idaho.  This is the large size and the girl working there said it's okay to call it "Gotta Have It" though I'm not really sure I needed such a big shake. It cost $5.59, but I didn't eat anything in the way of a meal for dinner, so in terms of money spent and calories, fat, and carbs that I put into my body, I was still well within reasonable limits.  (Also, as it turned out, I didn't drink all of the shake.) There's no alcohol in the shake because I asked the girl working there and that's what she said. This shake was a good choice, but I thought it would be green in color because of the menu description: "Mint Ice Cream & Chocolate Shavings".  I could taste the mint flavor, enjoyed how it tasted, and I usually like mint and chocolate flavors together.  It wasn't a thick shake and my tongue didn't feel the texture of chocolate shavings, but it was a good shake made with what appeared to be good quality ice cream.  

Saturday, February 11, 2012

High hope for tall flavor

Still trying to figure out which fast-food chain currently has the best iced coffee, I went to a Boise, Idaho Jack in the Box on Wednesday.  I had expected it to taste similar to the iced coffee I got at the Ontario, Oregon Jack in the Box, one time not long ago -- it was very good at the Ontario, OR Jack in the Box.   I was somewhat disappointed with the iced coffee at this Boise area Jack in the Box.  The iced coffee seemed too weak, didn't have enough coffee and vanilla flavor, and it wasn't sweet enough compared to other iced coffees.  (Note: I took this picture before starting to drink this iced coffee, which explains why the headline is about "high hope", but it didn't live up to my high hope or my high expectation.)

I will go back there again because I do like that area and that Jack in the Box, and whether people understand this or not, I try my best to get around to many fast food restaurants because I want to decide which are among the best and most consistent fast foods, iced coffees, beverages, shakes, desserts, and much more.

Friday, February 10, 2012

See! Happy!

My choice was an ice cream shake at Carl's Jr. in Boise after driving there on Wednesday.  It was the middle of the afternoon and this OREO Cookie Shake was what I wanted.  It's hard to tell what shake flavor it is and I don't see crumbles or tiny pieces of cookie, but it did have that texture against my tongue.  Obviously, it's not larger than the Happy Star, but this shake was enough for me, until later when I ate more fast food at another place.

This shake has a good flavor and was what I wanted in the middle of afternoon.  

However, I was already drinking iced coffee from a Jack in the Box restaurant down the road from there. I was somewhat disappointed with the iced coffee as it was too weak, didn't have enough vanilla flavor, and wasn't very sweet.  The Ontario, Oregon Jack in the Box made much better iced coffee when I went there not long ago.  

The Jack in the Box OREO Cookie Shake is, in my opinion, among the top fast-food shakes!  It has great flavor, texture, and is a lot of fun to drink using a straw.  It's a thick shake and takes a long time to drink, though I could use the plastic spoon they keep giving me.  (Yes, I've written this before and I will probably write it again.)  I don't think I've ever used the spoon because that wouldn't be as much fun and would make the shake be gone too fast.  

Honestly, I think the Jack in the Box OREO Cookie Shake is better than OREO Cookie Shakes from other fast-food restaurants (so far), including Carl's Jr., but my comparisons of shakes are only beginning, and of course Carl's Jr. had one of the best shakes with their Banana Chocolate Chip Shake, which I wrote about in 2010.  But there are other shakes that will be on the Fast Food Yummy shakes list.  I'm not sure how many shakes will be on the list, so maybe I'll just pick the shakes that deserve to be on the list and that will determine how many shakes.

Either that or the fast-food mascots could arm wrestle with one arm while drinking a shake with the other arm.  No forget it...  sounds too messy!  

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Lots of choices

Before going through the drive-thru of this Carl's Jr. in Boise, Idaho. 

Monday, February 06, 2012

Congratulations to the New York Giants

It was a great Super Bowl and a lot of fun to watch all four quarters.  I would have to say this is one of the best Super Bowls I've seen, with many great plays on offense and defense by both teams.  The New York Giants beat the New England Patriots 21-17 as they came back from down 17-9 by getting two field goals and then the winning touchdown near the end of the game.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning was the Most Valuable Player and his fourth quarter heroics and passing stats made him very deserving of the MVP Award.  I really like that Eli is humble and gave credit to his receivers and other teammates.  That's outstanding and a classy thing to do.  I hope more players will do this.  And of course he's right too, because the Giants did win as a team and a number of guys made important contributions, including fantastic catches by receivers which really kept this game exciting from start to finish.