Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cold Stone Creamery "Cream de Menthe" shake

I was standing out in the parking lot and had just bought this Cream de Menthe ice cream shake at Cold Stone Creamery in Meridian, Idaho.  This is the large size and the girl working there said it's okay to call it "Gotta Have It" though I'm not really sure I needed such a big shake. It cost $5.59, but I didn't eat anything in the way of a meal for dinner, so in terms of money spent and calories, fat, and carbs that I put into my body, I was still well within reasonable limits.  (Also, as it turned out, I didn't drink all of the shake.) There's no alcohol in the shake because I asked the girl working there and that's what she said. This shake was a good choice, but I thought it would be green in color because of the menu description: "Mint Ice Cream & Chocolate Shavings".  I could taste the mint flavor, enjoyed how it tasted, and I usually like mint and chocolate flavors together.  It wasn't a thick shake and my tongue didn't feel the texture of chocolate shavings, but it was a good shake made with what appeared to be good quality ice cream.