Saturday, February 11, 2012

High hope for tall flavor

Still trying to figure out which fast-food chain currently has the best iced coffee, I went to a Boise, Idaho Jack in the Box on Wednesday.  I had expected it to taste similar to the iced coffee I got at the Ontario, Oregon Jack in the Box, one time not long ago -- it was very good at the Ontario, OR Jack in the Box.   I was somewhat disappointed with the iced coffee at this Boise area Jack in the Box.  The iced coffee seemed too weak, didn't have enough coffee and vanilla flavor, and it wasn't sweet enough compared to other iced coffees.  (Note: I took this picture before starting to drink this iced coffee, which explains why the headline is about "high hope", but it didn't live up to my high hope or my high expectation.)

I will go back there again because I do like that area and that Jack in the Box, and whether people understand this or not, I try my best to get around to many fast food restaurants because I want to decide which are among the best and most consistent fast foods, iced coffees, beverages, shakes, desserts, and much more.