Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jack in the Box Bacon Shake (part fun)

I was sitting in the parking lot, in a vehicle of course, after going through the drive-thru, and just wanted to hear my own voice. Well no, I didn't really want to hear my own voice and that's not the reason for me talking instead of only writing about the shake. 

My voice not exactly wanted I to hear ... and now that I've stopped writing kinda like how a certain sci-fi movie character (you know who) talks, I can also write that a female voice would be better to hear while I was drinking the shake, which would mean I was on a date (or listening to the radio when a female DJ was talking) and I know that the date thing wouldn't have been real.  By comparison, the Bacon Shake is real, or sort of real, well at least the nice girls working there told me it's made with bacon-flavored syrup and ice cream.  Hmm.. what else?  Oh, they said nobody had ordered one yet, but I think they meant at that specific Jack in the Box restaurant, and that was over two weeks ago so I'm sure others tried this shake by now.  

In my opinion, there are better shake flavors but I like this enough to get it again, though first I would either have to get tired of their OREO Cookie Shake or they would have to stop making it.  Please don't because I'll never get tired of it.

There's another part to this review of the Bacon Shake, also with the title "Jack in the Box Bacon Shake (part fun)".  Well, I'd call these part one and part two, but that would be boring.  Can I publish two different posts with the same title?  I don't know.  First, though, maybe I'll post some other stuff.