Friday, March 09, 2012

Tasting Jack in the Box Bacon Shake, part fun

I did this in two parts, both will be part fun, instead of part one and part two.  Yeah, I don't have to try to hard to be different.  I'm joking, and I had something else funny to add but thought I better not.  However, this is a bacon-flavored shake that I'm writing about and if it were a strawberry shake or chocolate or vanilla, or other usual flavors, I would be much more straight-faced when writing about it.

I do like this Bacon Shake and I'm not a big fan of bacon, although I do eat it more often due to eating the JITB Jumbo Breakfast Platter with bacon.  

It's a bacon flavor syrup they use to make the shake, and the girl who took my order said there's no bacon in the shake.  She did seem to indicate that they could put bacon bits in it but I said no, though I think she was joking.  While I'm on this subject, I should point out that I hope to meet a girl with a sense of humor.  Oh yeah, this isn't the dating and mating blog, but I do have make it clear that Jack in the Box got me going again, thinking about getting married.  Some guy in a Jack in the Box commercial marrying bacon is very funny, and of course it would help to show mom the commercial because then -- by comparison -- any girl/young woman that I tell her I'm going to marry will be accepted with no problems.  And yes, I would marry a real person, probably female, maybe even from Earth.  Maybe.  No, right at this moment I'm not under the influence of a Bacon Shake.  I just drank some water.  I'm human. 

Most of this article was written more than three weeks ago.  So if the girl that smiled at me yesterday reads this post,  I wasn't thinking about you too much then, that is if you're single, and now might be a different story.  Are you single?  I'm joking, kinda, or at least as a I wrote many times, I'm trying to make people want to read what I write so I'm not just trying to get attention. 

P.S. The song I sang in the drive-thru last night was original and I wrote it in the car just before I went to the drive thru for a shake.  So then, consider that the debut of the song.  Sorry I can't post it over on the other blog right now because I had to go somewhere else to finish this article.  Will I become a drive-thru singer?  No, and it's not a new genre.  Yet.