Friday, March 02, 2012

Friesday night

I decided to eat the Carl's Jr. french fries on Friday evening.  They tasted pretty good while I was sitting there in my car eating them and listening to music.  But I had a bad headache and didn't get rid of it until later, when I took a pain pill similar to Excedrin but not that one because I couldn't find it at Walmart.  I'm not sure what's going on with that brand as it's not on the shelf.  I'm sure that's in the news, or maybe not, since you know, the mainstream news doesn't seem to report a lot of big stories, such as why was Congress really trying to stop free speech, which includes writing on the internet.  I decided not to capitalize internet because I believe it's for everyone on Earth and not just for the so-called powerful and rich people.  Someone is trying to stop me from getting on the internet and they are making a mistake because I stand for freedom.

Well, I haven't reached any conclusion on which fries are best, so that's more thinking for me to do.