Tuesday, March 06, 2012

More Shamrock Shakes

There will be more green shake days than the McDonald's guy told me, and that's a very nice way to prepare for St. Patrick's Day, not that I ever prepare for it.  Well, maybe the guy who said the shake was going to finish at the end of February was a Leprechaun.  No, I think he was just a worker that didn't know for sure.  Like a couple of days ago, when another Mc guy at perhaps another McDonald's said it goes until THAT holiday, and I think he meant the official green shake holiday. I said St. Patrick's Day, and he said "yeah that's it". Ok this post is more full of it than facts. 

I did order the Shamrock Shake again yesterday evening, and each time has a less and less strong flavor, so maybe there's not as much syrup in the shake because:  (a) that's just how it is, (b) they are trying to have enough for as long as supplies last (yes, I stated that in a humorous way on purpose), or (c) you can blame a leprechaun. 

Here's my take on the Shamrock Shake:  Well, I like it but the way we were, me and shamy shake is changing slightly over time, just like a relationship, not that I have a recent relationship for comparison. I can now somewhat agree that it's a minty shake but the first time it was a very powerful, somewhat mysterious flavor...

...like several flavors 'on top of one another', and I don't know much about that either.  

Please refer to modern hip-hop pop songs for some reference, such as "Birthday Cake" by Rihanna.  She is yummy in a different way! I like the song, just to take my mind off not getting that kind of birthday cake for awhile, even if I don't know 'all' of what the song is about.  Yes, I'm naive and innocent in my own way.  Not really.

Back to the flavor of the shamy shake, it's a reminder of (though different in flavor than when I bought the cereal) Lucky Charms, and that might have been last year but that does test my memory.  I wanted a cereal I hadn't eaten in a long time so that's why I bought it.  So I put some LC in a bowl and poured milk on it and waited for it to get soft, and there was kinda like a new color that sort of matched a new flavor which was created.  

That's the way I felt about the Shamrock Shake when I drank it the first time this year, but I remember having it a long time ago, or was that a dream with a leprechaun in it.  Maybe Bigfoot was in that dream too, and the Loch Ness Monster... and space aliens?  No. I'm still hoping to have that dream. I better stop for now because this post is already strange enough.

Main thing is the McCafe Shamrock Shake is still available at McDonald's, as I was told by the Mc guy (guy working at McDonald's drive-thru), and that's while supplies last.  I really do need to go into McDonald's more often to see who I'm talking to.  Ok everyone, be happy!