Wednesday, May 30, 2012

For the time being

this is the end of my writing about chicken sandwiches, but (humor intended) I hope to get back to writing about chicken sandwiches: 

                    A. Because they can't write about themselves.
                    B. I like chicken sandwiches.
                    C. Somebody needs to write about chicken sandwiches.
                    D. This isn't a test, so "D" is NOT "all of the above", and students:  don't guess this as an      answer because this is not a test, but if this was a real test I'd make it a trick question, then let everyone do extra-credit projects to raise your grades to an A+ because I wouldn't want to give bad grades, and besides this is a fast-food blog,
                         NOT A PLACE OF EDUCATION.

                     E. For no reason other than I always wanted there to be an E.

Note about photos:

I don't make the really big size photos for this blog, and try to have the photos look similar to the way I would for a newspaper or magazine.  Hence, the food is smaller than actual size in most cases, so are the people in the photos, if there are people in photos, because we know people are not like 3 or 4 inches tall. 

And some things and people, combined or separately could be hundreds or thousands of feet tall and we just wouldn't ever know that and how could we.  While there is no truth to the rumor that retired fast food mascots went away because HE (I meant they) outgrew Earth is of course false, and as far as I know it wasn't even a rumor until I started it.  Okay, clearly my humor hasn't outgrown this blog though I'm seriously hoping for that to happen. 

Photos also don't allow us to see what's...  hmm...going on in the heads of those being photographed.  If they are not smiling, maybe the camera caught them at the wrong moment or they haven't learned what it means to be a good cam whore in this era.  Oops, I meant what a camera is good for.

Finally, besides a sensible conclusion like I have no idea what I'm talking about, I want to put in a request for cameras that can see through buns -- hamburger buns and sandwich buns, that is -- so we can see what it is that we are eating, also giving us info. like ingredients that are in that food, whether or not it was approved by Pamela Anderson, and whether she or anyone who looks like her is available to eat dinner with me, and eat whatever she wants me to eat, I mean err uhh vegetarian cuisine, this Friday night, LATE!  Alright, I guess that these paragraphs did their part to separate chicken from the next post about a comedian, and I wouldn't want anyone to say I used comedy and chicken sandwiches in the same sentence.  Oh well, looks like I blew that one, but I'm trying and that's something. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wanted more Chicken

The picture gives the impression there was more chicken
in this Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich than it actually had
in it.  I liked the flavor but wanted more chicken.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich has good flavor but needs more chicken, less crunch

After I saw that commercial on YouTube yesterday and gave other people a chance to see it too, I went to Wendy's.  Before going there, I did manage to find McDonald's for (iced) Sweet Tea and then Krispy Kreme for a doughnut.  I had been there for a doughnut a little more than a week ago and like to repeat a good time. It wasn't morning, it was time for dinner, but I can eat a doughnut anytime if it's available.

There was still enough room inside of my stomach for a sandwich.  When I finally reached Wendy's which is in the same area, I ordered the Spicy Chicken Sandwich.  It's a breaded and fried chicken fillet with good flavor, spicy to my liking, with Mayo, lettuce and tomato.  However, I was glad I'd already eaten a doughnut because there wasn't much chicken in the sandwich.  I have noticed this with some other fast-food chain's chicken sandwiches, especially the spicy chicken sandwiches.  Lots of breading and not much chicken.

Some of the breading was quite crunchy, too hard, and since I'm careful when chewing, I got a plastic knife and fork to cut it into small pieces. 

Actually, I only ate about half of the bun because... hmm then I might still be able to attract girls like the ones (or one who can change to my fantasy girl for all occasions) in the Wendy's breakfast commercial?  Probably not.  But at least when I look at the commercial, I don't feel like I'll be rejected.  I almost wrote rejerked, but then I corrected my writing before publishing. 

I'm not a jerk, I'm a nice guy, and since we are what we eat, I'm only a small part chicken.  Hmm... I always knew that "you are what you eat" saying would come in handy. I think I'll use it, but not as a pick up line.  I'm not a fan of those.  Maybe that's why I'm sitting here writing on Sunday at noon, instead of what would be much better, and that would be waking up at noon with the girl from the Wendy's commercial.  I'd even make the breakfast, at noon when we wake up together, that is.  If this wasn't funny enough for you, watch Conan.  What else can I say, or write!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wendy's Commercial - Beach

What could be better than a pole dance by the King of Burger King?  Well, not much.  haha indeed! However, yet another 'H' word -- HUNGRY -- proves we can be tempted by food, etc.  I won't give a dissertation on what in the name of fast food I'm talking about, but this looks like something I could be convinced to do.  Eat!  ETC.

This is a past Wendy's commercial advertising their breakfasts and how I wish I had a couple, of those err umm uh duh (my dumb guy act)... breakfasts.  Of course AND...
I will get back to adding more of my thoughts on the McDonald's breakfast after I write about some other fast foods. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I enjoyed the McDonald's Big Breakfast with Hot Cakes, and I think it's a very good breakfast.  The food was warm, tasted great, and was nice to look at. There were 3 hot cakes, a biscuit, sausage, scrambled eggs, and hash brown, syrup for the hot cakes, whipped margarine for hot cakes and biscuit, and something else which was turned over on the wrong side, so I didn't really notice it until I had almost finished eating.  Only then did I turn it over to discover it was...  delicious!  But what was it?  I need to hold something back for later. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Big Breakfast with Hot Cakes at McDonald's

  McDonald's Big Breakfast with Hot Cakes is what I ate this morning.
  This is a very good breakfast though I'm not sure what I liked most. 
This was a nice sight to see on Sunday morning before going out to eat. I was going to Carl's Jr. for a breakfast burger, when I spotted this McDonald's truck at McDonald's, took this photo, then decided what the heck I should eat breakfast there since it's around 9 am.  I wound up ordering the Big Breakfast with Hot Cakes.  I'm sure glad I did. Sorry, no space left in my stomach for a burger.  I was full.


My thinking on this was, I want to see the video again, and once I saw it again, I wanted to see it again, and again, and hey, this was a Burger King commercial? I don't know because I don't remember seeing it on TV, and I live in America, not the UK.

This is quite funny, almost like if the King (not THE KING, I mean the Burger King mascot, and he is or was just a figurehead, emphasis on 'head') and I'm just saying 'if' he had a go-back time machine and made a guest appearance on Monty Python's Flying Circus, I'm not sure which way the TV ratings would go-- up or down-- but I'd watch that maybe only...umm two or three hours a day, until I laughed so hard I was hungry.

I'm not sure if these kind of commercials make me want to eat burgers, because I'm not much of a burger eater -- but I am usually 'up for' (not necessarily awake, but will go if someone near and dear to me wants) fast food, and this does make me want fast food. Etc.

Keep the King! There! I did my part. Besides, I want to see the King, Ronald McDonald, Jack from JiTB, combined fast food mascots of the world, and Paris Hilton in a very, very, very, very -- well, you fill in the blanks after very -- fast food commercial. Yes, I should have stopped in the last paragraph. Now I'm way too hungry for words and

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Burger King pole dancing (UK commercial)

My thinking on this was, I want to see the video on YouTube again, and once I saw it again, I wanted to see it again, and again, and hey, this was a Burger King commercial? I don't know because I don't remember seeing it on TV, and I live in America, not the UK.

As always, trademarks and copyrights are the property of their owners.  My writing, which includes reviews and opinion, is for a legitimate purpose and meant to provide access to what's out there on the Internet and also generally in the world of fast food.  Well, FAST FOOD doesn't have a world all to itself, but you know what I'm talking about!  I could be wrong though and maybe that's where the king of Burger King is now.  I'll look into it.  haha

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

McDonald's Arctic Orange Shake from 2007 will be the Fast Food Yummy list of best shakes

McDonald's Arctic Orange Shake joins Jack in the Box OREO Cookie Ice Cream Shake on my list of the top shakes at fast food restaurants.  There will be more shakes on the list, it won't be finished until I say so, and the total number of shakes isn't set because, after all, it's only a number.  This is from my past Fast Food Yummy blog:

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

McDonald's Arctic Orange Shake craving could last longer than the Season

How far are you willing to drive late at night for the food you're craving? When only a very specific sweet treat will do, I'm willing to try and try again. If they don't have it one store, I'll look for it somewhere else.

I have this thing now for the McDonald's Arctic Orange Shake. When they told me they couldn't make any more that night (today, the woman explained they had run out of orange syrup that night), I went to a second McDonald's location, where it turned out they don't have that shake at all. Finally, I visited the third McDonald's, and they made the shake. I was happy!

Fortunately there are three McDonald's restaurants in this small city. Two of the McDonald's are across the street from each another, one of them inside a Wal-Mart superstore. The other location is pretty much at the other end of town, but with green lights and almost no cars on the streets it took less than 10 minutes to drive there.

After getting to the drive-thru, the line moved fast and I thanked them for the quick service. They gave me what I expected, a thick, delicious shake!

Over the years, McDonald's has had other special shake flavors that I've really liked. But going back to my childhood, I loved strawberry shakes. The orange shake is just as good, or better!

So you can imagine what happens. This morning the gal working the drive-thru said, "It's seasonal." 

Yes, that makes sense. I held back my emotions. What will life be like without this shake?? Yeah, I'm a deep thinker with strong feelings for my favorite fast foods. 

Be strong, I told myself, and just ask the question, which is what I did. "Are you going to have it for a while?"

She told me that she hoped so. Well, I thought, it feels good someone likes the shake as much as I do. 

While I was there, I noticed the drive-thru closes at 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 12 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. That's not late enough for me!

Sometimes people get hungry when they are asleep! Ok, I guess they can just go to the kitchen. That's not the first thing I think of when I'm hungry. LOL

Other people have insomnia. And some work all night long, so they ought to be able to eat what they want, when they want to. Of course some drive-thrus are open all night, but there should to be more places where people can hang out all night. Yeah, I know some restaurants serve food 24 hours. But that's still not good enough for me! 
I used to wonder what it would be like to sleep over at my favorite fast food restaurant. I guess I still think about it. Bring some books to pretend like I'm studying. hehe Turn the pages once in a while, only to stay awake. Write notes. Highlight something. Wear nerdy glasses. That way nobody thinks it's too much fun! LOL

Fall asleep after a shake or two, and fries; then wake up and eat a breakfast sandwich, or three. 

Just think how great it would be if all fast foods were available 24 hours every day of the year. That would be very, very cool !!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Great! Great!

More than a few weeks ago (in 2011), I went over to Boise and had an unexpected double thrill. Gee!  Actually, G and GG.  Where to begin? Grasshopper, the name of a yummy Ice Cream Shake at Iceberg Drive Inn, and Gentle Giant, a '70s progressive rock band, were what I enjoyed together.  Well kinda. Here's what happened...

ICEBERG DRIVE INN has some really good shakes and I've had at least two kinds so far. What I'm talking about are big, thick Ice Cream Shakes, and it takes me two or three hours to finish from the starting time, which makes it clear I don't win shake eating contests. Eating?

Trying to get the shake through a straw would have been impossible for me, since I was busy paying attention to a radio show about a progressive-rock band I've liked for a long time, and which unbelievably was on the radio.

Maybe I was just having a nice dream.  I do know I was using a long plastic spoon to eat the shake and I wasn't in a hurry.  Let me rethink this, first I drove into the parking lot at this fast food restaurant and there was some ambient music on the radio. It was interesting and the song was an instrumental but sounded like David Sylvian, but I don't think it was him.

I wanted to continue listening to the song on the radio and didn't want to go inside so I went to the drive thru. The drive-thru menu was interesting and there were quite a few shake flavors but it said they didn't have some of the shake choices.  I asked if they had Bubble Gum flavor but they didn't.  About that time the Gentle Giant interview started on the radio, also with some parts of their songs.  If a pretty girl had suddenly been there with me, I would have known it was a dream, but forget the girl for a moment, this was Gentle Giant.  They're more important than girls.

Anyway, I chose what they call "Grasshopper". The gal taking my order told me that shake is made with Mint flavoring, Oreo Cookies and Vanilla Ice Cream. I also ordered some fries. A guy handed me the shake out the drive-thru window, and I wanted to get a picture of the shake before it began to melt on top.  I took out my camera but couldn't get a picture because it said no memory. It was then that I realized the memory card wasn't in the digital camera.

The shake was yummy! The color was a light green with some little dark cookie pieces, but the shake was down in the cup holder. The flavors, of course, were mint and chocolate and it had a pleasing texture as well. I was eating the shake after parking near the restaurant. The shake sticks out over the top of the cup it's in, and that cup is similar to a medium size. But they put that cup inside a large cup, which makes sense because the ice cream goes up over the first cup. I decided to eat the shake down to just below the top of the cup, then go to a store, and finish eating later.

While I was spooning the shake into my mouth, I listened to the interview and had a wonderful time, unless of course I was asleep.  Also, like one or more sci-fi movies which come to mind, how do I know what we think of as reality is real?  Wouldn't everything be more perfect if reality was really just a computer program that deceives us?  Oh yeah, I almost forgot about computer viruses. That makes computers pretty damned imperfect if you ask me.  Sometimes I wonder if all the great progressive-rock music of the '70s was real. Was it too good to be true?  Whether it was all real or just a fantasy, a dream, or a simulation, doesn't matter, but I sure wish there would be a return to that kind of music greatness! 

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Burger King now better looking

Before reaching the drive-thru menu, I could see Burger King
has become more modern looking.  This particular restaurant had
some remodeling done this year.  

This Mango Smoothie has a good flavor.  I decided to take a break
from drinking shakes and iced coffee.  The color isn't quite right; 
maybe I can get a better picture during the day.