Sunday, May 20, 2012


My thinking on this was, I want to see the video again, and once I saw it again, I wanted to see it again, and again, and hey, this was a Burger King commercial? I don't know because I don't remember seeing it on TV, and I live in America, not the UK.

This is quite funny, almost like if the King (not THE KING, I mean the Burger King mascot, and he is or was just a figurehead, emphasis on 'head') and I'm just saying 'if' he had a go-back time machine and made a guest appearance on Monty Python's Flying Circus, I'm not sure which way the TV ratings would go-- up or down-- but I'd watch that maybe only...umm two or three hours a day, until I laughed so hard I was hungry.

I'm not sure if these kind of commercials make me want to eat burgers, because I'm not much of a burger eater -- but I am usually 'up for' (not necessarily awake, but will go if someone near and dear to me wants) fast food, and this does make me want fast food. Etc.

Keep the King! There! I did my part. Besides, I want to see the King, Ronald McDonald, Jack from JiTB, combined fast food mascots of the world, and Paris Hilton in a very, very, very, very -- well, you fill in the blanks after very -- fast food commercial. Yes, I should have stopped in the last paragraph. Now I'm way too hungry for words and