Wednesday, May 30, 2012

For the time being

this is the end of my writing about chicken sandwiches, but (humor intended) I hope to get back to writing about chicken sandwiches: 

                    A. Because they can't write about themselves.
                    B. I like chicken sandwiches.
                    C. Somebody needs to write about chicken sandwiches.
                    D. This isn't a test, so "D" is NOT "all of the above", and students:  don't guess this as an      answer because this is not a test, but if this was a real test I'd make it a trick question, then let everyone do extra-credit projects to raise your grades to an A+ because I wouldn't want to give bad grades, and besides this is a fast-food blog,
                         NOT A PLACE OF EDUCATION.

                     E. For no reason other than I always wanted there to be an E.

Note about photos:

I don't make the really big size photos for this blog, and try to have the photos look similar to the way I would for a newspaper or magazine.  Hence, the food is smaller than actual size in most cases, so are the people in the photos, if there are people in photos, because we know people are not like 3 or 4 inches tall. 

And some things and people, combined or separately could be hundreds or thousands of feet tall and we just wouldn't ever know that and how could we.  While there is no truth to the rumor that retired fast food mascots went away because HE (I meant they) outgrew Earth is of course false, and as far as I know it wasn't even a rumor until I started it.  Okay, clearly my humor hasn't outgrown this blog though I'm seriously hoping for that to happen. 

Photos also don't allow us to see what's...  hmm...going on in the heads of those being photographed.  If they are not smiling, maybe the camera caught them at the wrong moment or they haven't learned what it means to be a good cam whore in this era.  Oops, I meant what a camera is good for.

Finally, besides a sensible conclusion like I have no idea what I'm talking about, I want to put in a request for cameras that can see through buns -- hamburger buns and sandwich buns, that is -- so we can see what it is that we are eating, also giving us info. like ingredients that are in that food, whether or not it was approved by Pamela Anderson, and whether she or anyone who looks like her is available to eat dinner with me, and eat whatever she wants me to eat, I mean err uhh vegetarian cuisine, this Friday night, LATE!  Alright, I guess that these paragraphs did their part to separate chicken from the next post about a comedian, and I wouldn't want anyone to say I used comedy and chicken sandwiches in the same sentence.  Oh well, looks like I blew that one, but I'm trying and that's something.