Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich has good flavor but needs more chicken, less crunch

After I saw that commercial on YouTube yesterday and gave other people a chance to see it too, I went to Wendy's.  Before going there, I did manage to find McDonald's for (iced) Sweet Tea and then Krispy Kreme for a doughnut.  I had been there for a doughnut a little more than a week ago and like to repeat a good time. It wasn't morning, it was time for dinner, but I can eat a doughnut anytime if it's available.

There was still enough room inside of my stomach for a sandwich.  When I finally reached Wendy's which is in the same area, I ordered the Spicy Chicken Sandwich.  It's a breaded and fried chicken fillet with good flavor, spicy to my liking, with Mayo, lettuce and tomato.  However, I was glad I'd already eaten a doughnut because there wasn't much chicken in the sandwich.  I have noticed this with some other fast-food chain's chicken sandwiches, especially the spicy chicken sandwiches.  Lots of breading and not much chicken.

Some of the breading was quite crunchy, too hard, and since I'm careful when chewing, I got a plastic knife and fork to cut it into small pieces. 

Actually, I only ate about half of the bun because... hmm then I might still be able to attract girls like the ones (or one who can change to my fantasy girl for all occasions) in the Wendy's breakfast commercial?  Probably not.  But at least when I look at the commercial, I don't feel like I'll be rejected.  I almost wrote rejerked, but then I corrected my writing before publishing. 

I'm not a jerk, I'm a nice guy, and since we are what we eat, I'm only a small part chicken.  Hmm... I always knew that "you are what you eat" saying would come in handy. I think I'll use it, but not as a pick up line.  I'm not a fan of those.  Maybe that's why I'm sitting here writing on Sunday at noon, instead of what would be much better, and that would be waking up at noon with the girl from the Wendy's commercial.  I'd even make the breakfast, at noon when we wake up together, that is.  If this wasn't funny enough for you, watch Conan.  What else can I say, or write!!