Saturday, June 02, 2012

Conan meets some random Korean girls

As usual, I didn't post this on YouTube so this is not my title (above).

But the rest of this writing was created  in my mind, to my fingertips to the computer to the YouTube share "Blog This!" compose page, to your eyes, to your mind, but you shouldn't think long about this writing, just enjoy the video.

Yes, Conan shows us what comedy is.  Also, I think his example is something I can learn from, even if I'm not sure what it is I'm learning.

Start with the matching reddish beard and light brown jacket or whatever color that is, I now know how to be WITH IT and funnier, though I need better material.  And using my mouth would help, though I'll have to develop a sense of comedic timing. 

Also, my (new) thin beard (only part that is new) doesn't match any jackets I've seen in stores, so I will need to color my beard -- with a paint brush (I'm joking: NEVER DO THAT) back to its original and natural color of turquoise and magenta.  No? you don't believe me?  Okay, I respect your ability to detect a big giant fib.

Next, and I feel this is almost like play-by-play analysis of comedy, Conan's use of hands to make a joke is legendary.  I exaggerate but not enough to get me elected.

At the 34 and 35 second mark of the video, it almost looked like he was going to ...  Okay, I decided to talk myself out of my own little inside joke that was going to be here, not that it was very funny in a comparative sense, because there aren't many Star Trek characters that rhyme with church and tribble doesn't really rhyme with steeple, no one would get what I'm talking about, and more importantly I want to save my dumb joke for another time.  I know what I'm doing, even though you don't.  That was close! I thought by the time this post was finished, I would be the squarest pariah ever shunned by cliquish circles and love triangles alike.  I'm having a major Déjà vu experience because I think I've seen that sentence before, perhaps at a parallel university, I mean in a parallel universe.
More later, if and when I get around to it.  But my best guess is I'll quickly go back to thinking about and writing about fast food.