Sunday, June 03, 2012

Iced Coffee and guess where

I know some wise guy is thinking "did the digital camera take a sip of iced coffee from the bottom" because I know I would think something like that just because it sounds like a line from a '60s sitcom rerun. I'm not sure which character and sitcom...   Oh yes I am!  I know but I ain't tellin'.

Okay, I went to McDonald's and ordered medium iced coffee, with hazelnut flavor and I don't think you can see the flavor.

At around 9 pm when I was there, they were still making great iced coffee.  We also had iced coffee from the same McDonald's restaurant (both times from the drive-thru) at before noon a day earlier, which was June 1, and it tasted very good then. 

Not much later I chose to go for a shake at Jack in the Box.