Friday, June 08, 2012

Nicki Minaj

I put this CD on hold at Kmart last Friday evening because I didn't have enough money in my wallet.  On Saturday evening (last week), I went back to Kmart and picked her up, oops what I meant is I picked up the Nicki Minaj CD, the DELUXE EDITION of  "PINK FRIDAY: ROMAN RELOADED" (EXPLICIT).

Despite what someone might think, the windshield wasn't getting steamed up -- that's bugs -- but I was feeling excited because of the part(s) of the CD cover you can't see (on purpose).  Nicki is very sexy, beautiful, and of course I like her singing and her songs.

Next door to Kmart is McDonald's and I went there for iced coffee to cool down, though I'm saving my listening pleasure for this weekend and that way it will be almost as though I was getting excited to go to one of her concerts.  Haven't ever been to one or know when I will, but I still feel excited.  

I don't know if Nicki will ever come over here to the sagebrush capital of whereversville (I made that place up) but if so she can take me away in a Starship, and I'll go willingly. 

Seriously, I'm looking forward to more and more of her music.