Friday, July 27, 2012

In near Soap Opera style, this is still on that same Saturday morning (almost two weeks ago)

According to the front of the Lucky Charms cereal box,
"they're Magically Delicious!"  Well, I like the flavor, but can't
prove the 'magically' part of that statement?

I used the question mark, sort of like an inside joke rattling around inside my head, because single females kept sending me messages that were statements in a question form.  Like when I send them: I like you.  They send back: I like you?  Yeah, maybe I'm not getting a clue. On a more serious note, I've found my grunge songs really have helped me feel better.  Sort of.

Does anyone know which of the charms is luckiest of all?
My guess is the four-leaf clover but I'm a beginner
 when it comes to LUCK! 

Actually no, I've probably had some good luck but also I'm blessed
with struggling just to keep me grounded, or at least I'm close to the soil at times.

Note: I like Lucky Charms.  But I'm not promoting this cereal. I just wanted to mention luck and that I need some, or something.  I have no connection to anything (and if I were making money as a writer--and I'm not-- don't you think I'd buy some new jeans, well probably not because my faded jeans are my Grunge look), but some stuff has a connection to me, like food when it's in me.  LOL I liked these ragged-edged paragraphs so much I thought I'd use them again this time.