Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rock music makes me feel good and look better in pictures

Right before I snapped this very attractive picture of myself (in the post below)...   what happened, you ask?
Dave Grohl screamed really loud, of course because I turned the radio volume way up, partially because a Burger King worker was watering the plants and annoying me while I was thinking about how to do this picture.  So anyway, Dave was singing the Foo Fighters hit song "Monkey Wrench", and like just about everyone else, I know when his amazing rock-star scream is in that song.  Wow! I just saw their video for that song and like when he screams.  Has anyone watching ever fallen into that video?  Just thought that would be funny!

Morning note on what I haven't been doing:  I tried to upload my 'newest song' today but dang it, for some reason, perhaps because the file is too big, it wouldn't upload on my music site (errr blog) and I did do almost a scream in my song, sort of, near the end of the extro, which is like an outro, but it's kinda complicated based on what the song's about. 

Conclusion:  Long story short, Dave Grohl is great, the guy watering plants at Burger King should do it earlier in morning, and the sun needs to take it easy on me when I'm sitting there, even though I turned the air conditioner to full blast.