Sunday, September 09, 2012

(More from last time) After McDonald's

I went over to Jack in the Box in Meridian. Almost ready to head back for the night, I swung by this fast food restaurant, as I often do and this time saw that Jack in the Box had free five piece chicken nuggets with any drink, so I ordered a large OREO Cookie Shake and they gave me the chicken nuggets for free.

Wow! delicious. great

I underlined the words 'delicious' and 'great' and it's on the top of the receipt I'm looking at while I'm typing this in at about 7:30 pm on Sunday. I wonder how many people wanted to go back and buy more. I've bought JiTB chicken nuggets since then and plan to buy more again. They're hot (temperature) but not too hot, and I hope they still sell these chicken nuggets when it's cold outside in a couple of months. Or, better yet, sell them forever!