Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sonic Drive-In is a feel-good place to drink a shake while listening to music

                        Large Hot Fudge Shake at Sonic

I went to Sonic after 8 pm one evening in June (also pictured last time) to see if their shakes really were just half price after 8 pm. 

Well, shakes were $2 for large (which usually is $3.99 before the tax) and that's what I chose, but everybody in the area seemed to know about the half-price deal.

I had to wait a while to order my shake and then a little more time before I got it.  I wasn't in much of a hurry and just relaxed, listening to the music on Sonic radio or whatever they call it, and the songs were pleasing to my ears, including a song by Kiss, but I'm not sure it was the original version or even if it was them.

The shake is easy to drink since it's soft and smooth, not too thick or hard to get through the straw, and the flavor is a good one.  There's whipped topping and a cherry on top.