Sunday, September 16, 2012

Starbucks iced coffee

I need to look at my notes to remember how to order this iced coffee.

Ah yes, here are some of my notes... I wrote this down: I went back through and she said that was sweetened with our Classic Syrup. She said I can just say iced coffee sweetened with cream and that's what I'll get. She said she likes iced coffee with coconut syrup (or hazelnut syrup) I said I'd try those flavors too.

I decided to strike through it because that's how it appears on the paper I wrote my notes on, but maybe she liked hazelnut syrup too, but I wasn't thinking clearly at that moment.

On the paper with my notes, I wrote that it was about 5 pm on Tuesday, August 13, 2012 but I just looked at the calendar and it was Tuesday, August 14, 2012 so at least I got the year right. haha

It was the beginning of the day that didn't end with chicken nuggets and a shake at Jack in the Box. However, since this is almost like part soap opera and almost part like a great movie that backs up, goes head, then settles on the middle of the story for the closing scene, or something else that confuses people.

So then, backing up to before I got there... I went to Starbucks because I wanted iced coffee to compare to the iced coffee I've had many times at Burger King and McDonald's. That and I just wanted some iced coffee.

I used the drive-thru and asked her to make Venti Iced Coffee the way she normally does.

I wrote in my notes: I'd say it's equal to McDonald's and Burger King iced coffee but which one is most consistent I'll have to find out. It's the first time I had this iced coffee and liked it a lot.

More notes: I wanted to get what they normally make to see what each fast food and coffee restaurant normally or usually gives to serves to its customers.

Of course I can't (or won't) show the notes because they are sort of sloppy though I don't think I set an all-time sloppiness record for notes, if there is such a thing.

Well, I did go to there again since that time but didn't like the iced coffee the way I did before, though it could have been my fault for not saying the right words when I ordered. Sometime I'll try again.