Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Burger King Gingerbread Cookie Shake makes the holidays appear closer and more delicious than usual

Yesterday I went to Burger King and got the Gingerbread Cookie Shake.  That was the second time I've had that shake.  It's a holiday shake but I'm not sure which holiday I am supposed to celebrate right now.  Oh yeah, it's Halloween!  And that's good but almost immediately--tomorrow-- I know in America we'll be seeing much more of the Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations at stores, so Burger King is just getting a good early start helping us get into the holiday spirit, and I'm glad they did.

The shake is a big step up from common and ordinary shakes and so far it's the best shake I've had at Burger King. I think it's a delicious shake! However, I'm not sure what the ingredients are or what's the exact flavor of the shake.  Instead of guessing, I'll look it up online and maybe the Burger King website will tell me.  I do sense that the Gingerbread Cookie Shake has the flavor of holiday spices, but as I already pointed out, I don't know.  I only know that I want it again.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Same day I ate the Krispy Kreme Doughnut

which was the day of me pictured holding Starbucks iced coffee in my hand (refer to a Sept. post) and this is another picture of the same iced coffee... now skip ahead in time to Jack in the Box chicken nuggets (please see an earlier post in Sept.)...then I picked up ice cream shakes (not for me) at Sonic drive-in and this is after I pulled into the garage. These shakes didn't melt in the time it took to get back because I did my best to keep 'em cold.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Almost like a Caffeine-powered time machine

Starbucks vs McDonald's

This is another photo I snapped in Seattle back in 2007 and was the same location and time as my last featured photo. The coffee competition (including iced coffee and espresso drinks) was quite interesting to me at that time.  And now I'm getting excited all over again. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012


In addition to the coffee photo making sense now as it will be relevant to my writing about iced coffee, as coffee competition continues, more photos I took five years ago will be posted since that's when I ended Fast Food Yummy.  I brought it back almost right away with this blog address but didn't post all the photos from 2007 that I wanted to post.  I also started blogs about Fast Food Yummy from 2006 and 2007.  Articles there now are some of the articles that were published on Fast Food Yummy in those years.

Writing about Iced Coffee

There's an important reason why I posted the coffee photo from five years ago and that's because I'm going to write about coffee, especially iced coffee.  It's a 'drink', in my opinion, meaning we expect iced coffee to be a pleasingly delicious mixture of coffee, cream or what they usually refer to as cream, a flavor, for example vanilla, hazelnut, mocha, etc.  In other words, it's not just coffee with ice added.

I'm making decisions (for my reviews of iced coffee) based on whether or not I think the quality of the iced coffee is consistent which means I'm asking myself the questions: Do the iced coffee selling restaurants in a chain, for example, basically have the same in quality of the iced coffee?  Can customers rely on each restaurant and coffee shop in that chain, or are some of them not following the rules and keeping up the high standards of how the iced coffee is to be made and served to customers?

It's impossible for me to write about every time I've had iced coffee, and obviously it's an opinion as far as why the iced coffee is great somewhere one day and on another day it's lousy at that same place. But I will give my own opinion based on the many times I've had iced coffee.  Some individual restaurants served consistently great iced coffee, but that's only a few of them.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Coffee Competition in 2007 was mainly between Starbucks and McDonald's

The window of a Seattle Starbucks Coffee shop in the Fall of 2007 had this view of autumn leaves on the ground, newspapers ready to be purchased, and a McDonald's across the street.  Only the sign of McDonald's is visible in this photo.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Almost Like a Period Piece, but not

It's Saturday and around 8 pm as I begin to write, so that's good enough reason to reflect on long ago...well, it seems like a long time since yesterday at around 9 pm (not really, I'm just trying to make this interesting) but I did go to a '50s type fast food place.  Actually, there wasn't a lot of action last night but I think tonight there's something going on and maybe I had gone through a time portal, a TV time portal...  I expected to see Fonzie (again, not really) though if it were possible, I'm sure he would have treated me like a nerd, which would have been cool.  Because I'd be on TV!

With my lead paragraph out of the way (way, way out that is), where I was was at Burger Time in Boise, and that's in Idaho for those who didn't know that.  I ordered a Milkshake listed on their drive-thru menu off to my right, with no light shining on it and not too close to me, I'm glad I didn't have to sign for my shake.

I did make out... no, let me rephrase that...I did see the word Huckleberry on the menu, so I chose that flavor and lived happily ever after.  Oh wait, that's too cliche, so instead, after ordering the shake, I began to drink it, parked there, not with a girl or woman beside me, or even wasting time thinking about what that would feel like.  Well, feel is just an expression, but taste that's something on a higher level. Taste a shake, that is. Looking at my notes, though, I did ask myself, hey where are all the pretty girls? Well, they weren't there.  But I must think about the shake.

The huckleberry flavor was very good but not strong enough, in my opinion.  This wasn't the Jumbo size of shake, it was Large, but of course you can't see it because I haven't uploaded the pictures yet.  I wanted to get Jumbo but was running low on money after getting some early presents for people because I'm a nice guy, though I also saw someone I wanted...haha I mean that I also saw something I wanted at a store.  Also saw someone but I'm willing to start off with a lunch date. The Fonz would be proud of me.