Saturday, October 06, 2012

Almost Like a Period Piece, but not

It's Saturday and around 8 pm as I begin to write, so that's good enough reason to reflect on long ago...well, it seems like a long time since yesterday at around 9 pm (not really, I'm just trying to make this interesting) but I did go to a '50s type fast food place.  Actually, there wasn't a lot of action last night but I think tonight there's something going on and maybe I had gone through a time portal, a TV time portal...  I expected to see Fonzie (again, not really) though if it were possible, I'm sure he would have treated me like a nerd, which would have been cool.  Because I'd be on TV!

With my lead paragraph out of the way (way, way out that is), where I was was at Burger Time in Boise, and that's in Idaho for those who didn't know that.  I ordered a Milkshake listed on their drive-thru menu off to my right, with no light shining on it and not too close to me, I'm glad I didn't have to sign for my shake.

I did make out... no, let me rephrase that...I did see the word Huckleberry on the menu, so I chose that flavor and lived happily ever after.  Oh wait, that's too cliche, so instead, after ordering the shake, I began to drink it, parked there, not with a girl or woman beside me, or even wasting time thinking about what that would feel like.  Well, feel is just an expression, but taste that's something on a higher level. Taste a shake, that is. Looking at my notes, though, I did ask myself, hey where are all the pretty girls? Well, they weren't there.  But I must think about the shake.

The huckleberry flavor was very good but not strong enough, in my opinion.  This wasn't the Jumbo size of shake, it was Large, but of course you can't see it because I haven't uploaded the pictures yet.  I wanted to get Jumbo but was running low on money after getting some early presents for people because I'm a nice guy, though I also saw someone I wanted...haha I mean that I also saw something I wanted at a store.  Also saw someone but I'm willing to start off with a lunch date. The Fonz would be proud of me.