Saturday, October 13, 2012

Writing about Iced Coffee

There's an important reason why I posted the coffee photo from five years ago and that's because I'm going to write about coffee, especially iced coffee.  It's a 'drink', in my opinion, meaning we expect iced coffee to be a pleasingly delicious mixture of coffee, cream or what they usually refer to as cream, a flavor, for example vanilla, hazelnut, mocha, etc.  In other words, it's not just coffee with ice added.

I'm making decisions (for my reviews of iced coffee) based on whether or not I think the quality of the iced coffee is consistent which means I'm asking myself the questions: Do the iced coffee selling restaurants in a chain, for example, basically have the same in quality of the iced coffee?  Can customers rely on each restaurant and coffee shop in that chain, or are some of them not following the rules and keeping up the high standards of how the iced coffee is to be made and served to customers?

It's impossible for me to write about every time I've had iced coffee, and obviously it's an opinion as far as why the iced coffee is great somewhere one day and on another day it's lousy at that same place. But I will give my own opinion based on the many times I've had iced coffee.  Some individual restaurants served consistently great iced coffee, but that's only a few of them.