Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wish I could GO UP to Portland, Oregon and to a Voodoo Doughnut shop

In September (2008), I felt like
I could lift off, coz there was
blue sky in Portland, Oregon.
Actually both of my feet were planted firmly
on the sidewalk, outside of the doughnut shop.
The doughnut is a creation by Voodoo Doughnut
which an employee said they called the Orangutang as it
has some orange-flavored Tang on it.

Note:  Most of the writing was done in 2008 and was going to be put on the blog in December 2008 but I gave this post a title and wrote the note on Friday afternoon and now it GOES UP blog, which I wish could fly me to Portland.  Oh yeah, blogs can't fly, yet. For people who don't understand me, stop being so uptight and use your imagination.

Extra doughNote: I have no idea how they spelled Orangutang, the doughnut.  This photo was cropped then made much smaller because it's blurry.  What the heck, I'll put up the larger photo too.
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