Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Eating Ice Cream Never Looked So Good!

This is a McDonald's commercial from a few years ago. I don't put the title on videos when I show videos from YouTube, it's probably a title by the person who uploaded it to YouTube. I also don't know about the description on YouTube and have no responsibility for it. It says she's making faces at a baby and that makes sense, but I don't need a responsibility, just a pretty Asian girl or young woman to make me feel good.

I just know this makes me feel happy and maybe it will make someone else happy too. It's a very cute Asian girl or young Asian woman and I think she's being funny here. Someone said she's a South Korean actress but I don't know because I don't know her. haha I realize that I shared it before but can't find it on my blog, so it must have been from my previous fast food blog. This uplifts my spirits when I'm feeling down, and I'll enjoy it!