Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gingerbread Cookie Shake at Burger King

The Burger King Gingerbread Cookie Shake was featured on October 31, so please go back and read that review. I had this shake (in photo) again tonight, and I'm still drinking it now but decided to upload the photo so it shows up here to same calendar day I am drinking it.

Oh and tomorrow (Dec. 21) the world ends? If so, maybe the aliens will be the only ones left to read this and wonder what Gingerbread Cookie Shake at Burger King tastes like. haha

In other words, they'll be sorry if they mess with us humans, and then they will never find out. haha

Don't be upset! The world probably will be here on Saturday, unless we all party too much Friday, or something. Please have a happy day and a happy day after that day too, and so on.