Sunday, January 20, 2013

Circling, craving fast food is not enough

I was circling Taco Bell yesterday morning and wishing I could eat one of their specials they show with pictures, but I still was not feeling up to eating any spicy food or much of any food food, as I was sick during the week starting last weekend. I ought to cover the last sentence with a thick patch of ice and snow.

Yesterday, there was ice on the streets and the parking lots, which of course isn't much fun at all, though I wanted to see what else is happening in fast food right now so I decided to drive around. Burger King has a special this month on chicken nuggets and I wrote this down from what I read on their sign which advertised 20 piece chicken nuggets for $4.29 and that sounds like a good deal.  I'm not sure I can eat that many or at least it wouldn't be a good idea.

I was having a problem with the pen running out of ink, and if my notes are wrong, blame the pen. No, I think my notes are right.  I have no idea what the prices are at other locations. Moving on to the next suspenseful scene, I drove some yards (and I'll measure it in yards because this month's the NFL playoffs) It was too darn cold and icy in the parking lot to get out and walk, not that I ever do. Not much more than a chicken nugget's throw, I mean a football's throw from Burger King is a McDonald's and I could see that cherry pie was advertised on their drive-thru menu... however, I didn't get into the drive-thru, therefore I don't know if it's a special on the small cherry pies I have come to love, especially when I'm alone (meaning no girlfriend). Actually, I don't eat those cherry pies often and didn't know I even had special feelings for them, but I'm trying to make some sort of point, I guess.  Well, I did wind up with a Jack in the Box strawberry shake and liked it.

Hmm...I don't know why but I'm craving the cherry pies again today and since today isn't yesterday, I just might get over there to McDonald's and get one or two or three, or more, and pass them around.