Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I went to Arby's this evening

My dinner was Arby's Chicken Tenders with Tangy BBQ Sauce and the Arby's Triple Berry Shake.
That's the 5 Piece Chicken Tenders in the photo. I ate three and took two back and put in refrigerator for later. And I really need a midnight snack! 

The Chicken Tenders are very good but some parts of the breading on outside are hard, so please be careful. 

I like the Triple Berry Shake flavor very much. It's sure a nice sight for the eyes of a hungry guy (me) who also likes beauty in food. Okay, I couldn't find exactly the right words but don't worry. I think the Triple Berry Shake is a great shake and I want to get it again.

What more can I say? The music was really good too while I was eating. I think it was a local station they had playing in there, but I was paying attention to my food. I do know the names of some of the bands and songs. It was fun to hear those songs.